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Who Is Davis From Kids Baking Championship? Meet The Young Talented Baker

Davis Sams, a name known for talent and creativity in the world of culinary arts, especially baking, has won over many through his amazing journey on the "Kids Baking Championship."

At just 18 years old, Davis has showed off his great skills in cake baking and decoration, making him a top contestant in the popular TV show. Born in Ontario, Canada, Davis has wowed by his culinary talents but also with his art skills.


Davis Sams - The Standout Contestant In "Kids Baking Championship"

Davis Sams In "Kids Baking Championship" Source: Food Network Asia
At the age of 13, Davis Sams from North Vancouver has become the only Canadian to compete in the "Kids Baking Championship." The winner of this championship will walk away with a $25,000 prize and a feature in Food Network Magazine, a significant achievement for any young baker.
As a Windsor Secondary student, he stands out among a group of a dozen talented young bakers, aged nine to 13.
These contestants are tested weekly with challenging dessert tasks and unexpected ingredients. Mentored by hosts Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman, Davis has thrived in this competitive environment.
In a standout episode with the "Brownie vs. Blondies" challenge, he created a massive butterfly-shaped, walnut-and-chocolate chip brownie that was a treat for the eyes and taste buds. Davis blew the judges away with his butterfly brownie creation, showcasing not only his baking prowess but also his ability to excel under pressure. 
Davis's journey on "Kids Baking Championship" began with his love for baking and his want to show his skills on a larger platform. His expertise in cakes and cake decorating, along with various other baking techniques, made him a tough competitor in the show. Throughout the season, Davis demonstrated his flexibility and imagination in several baking challenges.
For instance, in the "Volcano Monkey Bread" challenge, Davis displayed his creativity by decorating his monkey bread volcano with a chocolate monkey. This not only showed his baking skills but also his artistic flair. In the "Puzzle Cookies" task, Davis wowed everyone with his sugar cookie puzzle depicting the Mona Lisa, showing his focus and creative approach.
His performance in the "Dessert Imposter Taco" challenge was just as awesome, where he smartly used deep-fried crepes for his taco shell and filled them with a creative mix of ingredients to mimic a taco.
His ability to mix flavors and tastes and textures was evident in the "Opposites Attract" challenge, where he decorated his half of the big-and-small cake with an oversized coffee cup and chocolate bar.
Davis's creativity didn't stop there. His skill in using unique ingredients was showed off in the "Freaky Flavors" challenge, where he incorporated goat cheese into a sable tart, impressing the judges.

Meet Davis Sams

Meet Davis Sams Source: Food Network Asia
Davis Sams, with his impressive skills in both the culinary and artistic fields, keeps inspiring audiences worldwide. His journey in "Kids Baking Championship" is not just proof of his baking abilities but also of his drive and creativity, making him a loved star in the culinary community. Now, let's explore more about his personal life and career:

Early life

Born on April 26, 2005, in Ontario, Canada, Davis showed a strong interest in baking and culinary arts from an early age. His talents extend beyond the kitchen, as he is also skilled in painting and drawing.
This artistic ability complements his culinary creativity, as seen in his impressive presentations on the show.


Participating in "Kids Baking Championship" has been a significant step in Davis's career as a chef, opening up various opportunities in the culinary world.

Physical Appearance

Standing at 5 feet 7½ inches, Davis brings together his culinary skills with a charming vibe, making him a well-known person in the culinary community.

TV Shows & Movies

Davis is renowned for his participation in Season 6 of the "Kids Baking Championship."

Social Media

Davis connects with his fans and shows his culinary creations on various social media platforms:
  • Instagram: @davydoodle_bakes
  • Facebook:
  • YouTube:
  • TikTok:
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