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Who Played McMurray In Letterkenny? Meet Dan Petronijevic

In the fun and quirky world of "Letterkenny," a Canadian TV series, the character McMurray is an interesting character. Played by Dan Petronijevic, McMurray is an unforgettable character in the show. Let's check out McMurray and the actor who brings him to life, Dan Petronijevic, as we explore their contributions to "Letterkenny."

Who Is McMurray In Letterkenny?

Who Is McMurray In Letterkenny? Source: Letterkenny/Crave

McMurray is a supporting character on LetterKenny. He is played by Dan Petronijevic.

McMurray is a key character in the popular Canadian TV series "Letterkenny." He is shown as a farmer and the president of the Letterkenny Agricultural Hall. McMurray is known for his serious dedication to the town, and a big love for Canada gooses, even more than Wayne's.

His dedication sometimes causes problems, like his lengthy meetings at the Ag Hall, which once led to his short-term stepping down as its head. However, he is also sensible, shown when he rents out the Ag Hall for a rave to raise needed funds.

McMurray and Mrs. McMurray are known for being part of 'the lifestyle' of polyamory or swinging. This openness often weirds others out, like Wayne. Despite being seen as a controversial guy, McMurray stays friendly with many townspeople, including Wayne. He is also known for his unique way of talking, which gets more obvious as the series progresses.


Meet Dan Petronijevic As McMurray In Letterkenny

Source: Letterkenny/Crave
Dan Petronijevic, the actor behind McMurray in "Letterkenny," was born on March 28, 1981, in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. With Serbian origins, Petronijevic first made his mark in acting during his teen years in Port Perry, Ontario. Following his high school graduation, he went after a career in acting, which led him to different roles across TV shows and movies.
Petronijevic is especially known for his role as the villainous Montreal Police Service Officer J.M. Brouillard in the crime drama ensemble "19-2," which earned him a nomination at the Canadian Screen Awards in 2014. Beyond "Letterkenny," he has made a name for himself in voice acting and has been featured in notable productions like the "American Pie" franchise, "Playmakers," "Cardinal," and voice roles in animated shows.
His acting as McMurray in "Letterkenny" showcases his versatile acting skills, adding a special depth to the character. Petronijevic's talent to show McMurray's complicated traits, from his loyalty and serious sense of community to his peculiar speech and adventurous personal life, makes his acting in "Letterkenny" a standout.
Dan PetronijevicSource: Pinterest

Personal Life

Dan Petronijevic, despite his public persona, keeps a pretty private personal life. There's not much info out there about his family, though it is known that his parents are of Serbian descent. This privacy also covers his relationships and family life, as Petronijevic prefers to keep these aspects of his life away from the media spotlight.


As of the latest available information, there are no news about Dan Petronijevic's love life. He has kept this part of his life private, and there is little known about any past or present relationships.

Net worth

Dan Petronijevic has established himself as one of the prominent actors in Canada, with an estimated wealth of $5 million as of December 2023. This wealth is thanks to his successful career in acting and voice work, as well as his involvement in brand endorsements and other ventures. He still is a respected and big name in the Entertainment industry.

Dan Petronijevic’s TV Shows & Movies

Over the years, Dan Petronijevic has built a great collection in both TV shows and movies. His career covers different genres, showing his versatility as an actor. Some of his notable works include:

  • The "American Pie" franchise
  • "19-2"
  • "Playmakers"
  • "Cardinal"
  • "Letterkenny"

His voice acting skills also add to his wide range of skills, making him a versatile figure in the entertainment industry.

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