Cursed Images That You Just Wanna Scream "What The F***"

These 15 totally weird photos are all perfect examples of how, sometimes, context can be critically important to understanding exactly WTF is going on in a given picture.
In an earlier time, weird people, funny accidents, and moments like these could have come and gone with no one to see them. But we live in the information age, where all of these hilarious pictures, can make it to the internet for us to enjoy. For more bizarre moments captured with perfect timing, be sure to check out our once-in-a-lifetime photo post!

#1. Cabin in Alaska for rent, lovely view.

Source: 5_Frog_Margin

#2. A "zombie spider" - spider covered in fungus, half-dead, half-alive which can crawl around. Found in my basement.

Source: [deleted]

#3. There was a friggin gecko hiding in my son's toy spider's ass!

Source: [deleted]

#4. This b*tch a*s just flew into my eye and fell to the ground

Source: OfficialDampSquid

#5. Coconut crabs are attracted to the smell of food.

Source: jcdehoff

#6. I have tentacles under my tongue- apparently not everyone does?

Source: SligPants

#7. This structural pole my boss refuses to fix

Source: [deleted]

#8. My Venus Flytrap uses all its energy to make 200 mouths instead of growing big.

Source: penboiyi

#9. Rome yesterday

Source: [deleted]

#10. A rather “rural” patient came in with new-onset seizures. CT reveals small metal pellets in head. Patient states his wife accidentally shot him several years ago while trying to get a raccoon off their property.

Source: coco-ono

#11. Migingo Island, population of 131, only 0.0008sq mi of dirt

Source: jennaflores

#12. Found this clown mannequin half a mile deep into a drainage pipe tied like this to a grate.

Source: SoDakZak

#13. What, exactly, was the sequence of events that led to this?

Source: 6ThreeSided9

#14. Oh, let me just park my FUCKING SQUID

Source: [deleted]

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