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Criminal Record Filming Locations: Where Is Criminal Record Filmed?

"Criminal Record" immerses viewers in London's dynamic landscape, from bustling streets to secretive alleys. This British crime drama, with Peter Capaldi and Cush Jumbo leading, brilliantly uses London to tell a story filled with political intrigue and a pivotal murder case. Now, let's get more details about Criminal Record filming locations!

Criminal Record Filming Locations

Source: Apple TV

London is the primary filming location for "Criminal Record." The city's iconic landmarks and lesser-known locales alike play a pivotal role, reflecting the series' themes of power and ambition.

London's grand government buildings provide a backdrop for the political machinations at play, while its hidden meeting spots and quaint neighborhoods illustrate the series' deeper exploration into the human psyche and societal issues.

Criminal Record LondonSource: Apple TV

With its unique blend of modern and historic architecture, London not only frames the show's narrative but also becomes a character in itself.

The streets of London, with their mix of grandeur and grittiness, mirror the internal conflict and moral dilemmas faced by the characters.

Criminal Record Filming LocationsSource: Apple TV

From the corridors of power to the intimate spaces where secrets are shared, London's multifaceted environment encapsulates the essence of "Criminal Record."

The series takes advantage of London's visually stunning and symbolically rich environment, making it a perfect setting for a story that delves deep into themes of race, institutional failure, and the quest for common ground in a polarized society.

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