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  1. Peter Capaldi As DCI Daniel Hegarty
  2. Cush Jumbo As Detective Sergeant June Lenker
  3. Stephen Campbell Moore As Leo Hanratty
  4. Charlie Creed-Miles As Detective Sergeant Tony Gilfoyle
  5. Shaun Dooley As Detective Sergeant Kim Cardwell
  6. Zoë Wanamaker As Maureen
  7. Cathy Tyson As Doris Mathis

Criminal Record Cast List And Character Guide

"Criminal Record," an upcoming series on Apple TV Plus, features Peter Capaldi, famed for "Doctor Who," and Cush Jumbo from "The Good Wife." They star as two police officers entangled in a high-stakes conflict over a prominent murder investigation.
Joining them is Zoe Wanamaker, recognized for her roles in "Harry Potter" and "My Family." The show delves into complex themes such as racial issues, systemic failures, and the challenges of bridging divides in a divided Britain. In this series, Capaldi and Jumbo portray police officers at different points in their careers, yet both are united in their pursuit of justice.
For those interested in the show, here's all you need to know about the cast and characters of "Criminal Record."

Peter Capaldi As DCI Daniel Hegarty

Peter Capaldi As DCI Daniel Hegarty Source: Apple TV+
  • In the upcoming Apple TV Plus series "Criminal Record," Peter Capaldi portrays Detective Chief Inspector Daniel Hegarty. Capaldi, known for his role as the 12th Doctor in "Doctor Who," describes Hegarty as a seasoned and highly successful DCI based in East London. Nearing retirement, Hegarty has experienced the darker sides of law enforcement and holds strong convictions about the proper conduct of a police officer. His world is shaken when a character named June enters the scene, probing into his past and questioning his integrity. Capaldi explains that while Hegarty sees a reflection of his own strong moral stance in June, he also knows that any interference from her in his affairs would be a grave error.
  • Capaldi, a Scottish actor, has a diverse array of roles to his credit, including the iconic 12th Doctor in "Doctor Who" and Malcolm Tucker in "The Thick of It." His varied career includes performances in "The Devil’s Hour," the "Paddington" films, "The Crow Road," "The Suicide Squad," "The Musketeers," "Skins," and "Torchwood." He is also the uncle of musician Lewis Capaldi.

Cush Jumbo As Detective Sergeant June Lenker

Cush Jumbo As Detective Sergeant June Lenker Source: Apple TV+
  • Cush Jumbo portrays Detective Sergeant June Lenker, a character who initially appears as an average woman grappling with personal challenges. Jumbo explains that June is a mother in a struggling relationship, feeling overwhelmed by a sense of failure in various aspects of her life. However, her interaction with Hegarty awakens her suspicions, leading her on a quest for the truth, despite the dangers it poses to her. June's character quickly develops a critical view of Hegarty, seeing him as a representation of the problematic aspects of modern policing. Jumbo describes June's perspective of Hegarty as being out of touch and morally questionable, someone who misuses his position to escape scrutiny. In contrast, June embodies the ideals of a new era in policing that insists on higher accountability from its institutions. She is determined to be a part of the solution, not the problem.
  • Cush Jumbo's career includes a variety of roles, such as playing Lucca Quinn in "The Good Fight" and "The Good Wife." Her acting journey also features parts in "Stay Close," "Getting On," and "The Beast Must Die," as well as appearances in "Vera," "Deadwater Fell," and "Trying."

Stephen Campbell Moore As Leo Hanratty

Stephen Campbell Moore As Leo Hanratty Source: Apple TV+
  • Stephen Campbell Moore portrays Leo Hanratty in "Criminal Record," where he navigates the complexities of supporting his partner, June, amidst her intense investigation. His character, Leo, grapples with the challenge of being a good step-father while the couple faces the strain their differences bring, exacerbated by June's professional pursuits.
  • Stephen Campbell Moore is a renowned British actor, most famous for his role in Alan Bennett's play "The History Boys" and its film adaptation. Since 2019, he has been a prominent figure in the sci-fi television series "War of the Worlds." Campbell Moore debuted on screen in Stephen Fry's "Bright Young Things." Although primarily known for his screen roles, he has an impressive stage career, having performed with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal National Theatre. He originated the role of Irwin in the first West End stage production of Alan Bennett's "The History Boys," reprising this role in Broadway, Sydney, Wellington, Hong Kong productions, and in the film adaptation.

Charlie Creed-Miles As Detective Sergeant Tony Gilfoyle

Charlie Creed-Miles As Detective Sergeant Tony Gilfoyle Source: Apple TV+
  • Charlie Creed-Miles plays Detective Sergeant Tony Gilfoyle in "Criminal Record." Gilfoyle is portrayed as a solitary figure who depends heavily on his long-time, trusted friend Hegarty. The character's depth is highlighted by the mystery surrounding his connection to the conviction of Errol Mathis, raising questions about his true role and motives.
  • Born on 24 March 1972, Charlie Creed-Miles is an accomplished English actor, writer, director, and producer. His notable film credits span a range of genres and include "Let Him Have It" (1991), "London Kills Me" (1991), "Loved Up" (1995), "The Fifth Element" (1997), "Nil By Mouth" (1997), "Essex Boys" (2000), "King Arthur" (2004), "Harry Brown" (2009), "Wild Bill" (2011), "100 Streets" (2016), and "Romans" (2017). His diverse career showcases his versatility and talent across multiple facets of the film industry.

Shaun Dooley As Detective Sergeant Kim Cardwell

Shaun Dooley As Detective Sergeant Kim Cardwell Source: Apple TV+
  • Shaun Dooley stars as Detective Sergeant Kim Cardwell in "Criminal Record." Cardwell is depicted as a well-intentioned but somewhat clumsy detective who teams up with June on a new case. However, his trustworthiness is in question due to his close ties to Hegarty's inner circle, leaving viewers to wonder about his true allegiance.
  • Born on 29 March 1974, Shaun Dooley is an English actor, narrator, and voice-over artist. Dooley's acting career commenced with the role of Shaun in "Groove on a Stanley Knife" in 1997. He is also known for his role as Ritchie Fitzgerald in "Coronation Street" from 1997 to 1998, and for his occasional appearances in "EastEnders" as Tom Stuart between 2001 and 2004, until he left for filming "The Street." Additionally, Dooley had roles in "P.O.W.," "The Street," and the 2007 television docudrama "Diana: Last Days of a Princess." He played Kieran in the British horror film "Salvage," portrayed police inspector Dick Alderman in the "Red Riding" trilogy, and appeared as Reverend Michaelmas Winter in "Jamestown" on Sky 1. In 2019, Dooley and his wife Polly produced an album titled "Got It Covered" for Children in Need. The album, featuring covers by celebrities like Helena Bonham Carter, Jim Broadbent, Olivia Colman, and others, was released on 1 November 2019. Dooley's company 20four7films co-produced the album and accompanying documentary with BBC Studios and SilvaScreen Records.

Zoë Wanamaker As Maureen

Source: The Independent
  • Zoë Wanamaker plays Maureen, June's caring yet anxious mother, in "Criminal Record." Maureen, deeply affected by her own distressing experiences with the police, is filled with concern over the risks and potential repercussions of her daughter's demanding profession as a police officer.
  • Zoë Wanamaker CBE, born on 13 May 1949, is a distinguished American-British actress recognized for her extensive contributions to the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre. In 2001, she was honored with the title of Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) by Queen Elizabeth II for her outstanding contributions to theater. Throughout her career, Wanamaker has earned widespread acclaim, including a Laurence Olivier Award and multiple nominations for BAFTA Awards and Tony Awards. A frequent contender for the prestigious Olivier Awards, she has been nominated nine times, winning for her performances in "Once in a Lifetime" (1979) and "Electra" (1998). Her remarkable talent has also been recognized on Broadway, where she has received four Tony Award nominations for her roles in "Piaf" (1981), "Loot" (1986), "Electra" (1999), and "Awake and Sing!" (2006).

Cathy Tyson As Doris Mathis

Cathy Tyson As Doris Mathis Source: Liverpool Echo
  • Cathy Tyson portrays Doris Mathis, a character who has been unrelentingly working to exonerate her son Errol. Doris's determination is rekindled upon learning that new information has surfaced, potentially vital in proving her son's innocence.
  • Catherine Tyson, born on 12 June 1965, is a celebrated English actress renowned for her remarkable performances across various films and television series. Her standout role in "Mona Lisa" (1986) earned her the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actress, along with nominations for Best Supporting Actress at both the Golden Globes and BAFTA Awards. Tyson's acting repertoire includes notable appearances in "The Serpent and the Rainbow" (1988), "Priest" (1994), and the television series "Band of Gold" (1995–1997). In 2022, she was honored with the British Academy Television Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film "Help."
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