20 Creative Food Photos – Let’s Rescue The Inherent Boredom Of Food Decor

Decorating food is an art, and a food decorator is an artist. This is not wrong because it requires the creativity, acumen, and ingenuity of the chef. Do you value food decoration? Do you often spend an hour decorating the dining table beautifully and vividly or just dump all the dishes on the plates? In a nutshell, you can add sweets, meats, eggs, lemons…and all sorts of sauces to your naked dishes. However, imagine if the ingredients and spreads you put inside your dishes had a life of their own. How interesting they are! Here are 20 creative food photos that will help to clear the trail on food decor. You can learn and decide whether or not to apply these ideas to your daily food.
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#1 Bread Gate

Bread Gate Bread Gate

Source: Bored Panda

#2 Funny Breakfast Man

Funny Breakfast Man Funny Breakfast Man

Source:  Pinterest

#3 Diving Curry Dog

Diving Curry Dog Diving Curry Dog

Source: Lushome

#4 Fruity Monkey

Fruity Monkey Fruity Monkey

Source: Pinterest

#5 Orange Bicycle

Orange Bicycle Orange Bicycle

Source: mydesignbeauty

#6 Panic Bread Cones

Panic Bread Cones Panic Bread Cones


#7 Sardine Red Lady

Sardine Red Lady Sardine Red Lady

Source: Lois W

#8 Peanut's Pregnancy

Peanut's Pregnancy Peanut's Pregnancy

Source: Kimberly Lewis

#9 Creepy Jam Pies

Source: So Much Food blog

#10 Tangerine Tiger

Source: Bored Panda

#11 Fake Ariels

Fake Ariels Fake Ariels

Source: VnExpress

#12 Panic Boy In Monday Morning

Panic Boy Panic Boy

Source: Pinterest

#13 Baby Doggies

Baby Doggies Baby Doggies

Source: Bake Magazine

#14 Fruit Phoenix

Fruit Phoenix Fruit Phoenix

Source: Bored Panda

#15 Mommies, Keep Silent!

Bread Mommies Bread Mommies

Source: Lil' Luna

#16 Cowboy's Breakfast

Cowboy's Breakfast Cowboy's Breakfast

Source: Pinterest

#17 Funky Faces

Funky Faces Funky Faces

Source: Recetín

#18 Sandwich Monkey

Sandwich Monkey Sandwich Monkey

Source: 123RF

#19 Veggie Bald Grandpa

Veggie Bald Grandpa Veggie Bald Grandpa

Source: Dreamstime

#20 Hey Onigiris, It's Bath Time!

Bath Time Of Onigiri Bath Time Of Onigiri

Source: Pinterest21

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