20 Hilarious Text Conversations Between Kids And Their Parents

Kids have a rather easy-going lifestyle. They are curious human beings and it is impossible not to do or say something that makes their parents smile. They are innocent, playful, mischievous, curious and more, these qualities create a unique personality that allows them to grow and eventually, they become “Mr. Know all".
Before that happens, however, kids experience many things around them for the first time, so their curious personalities make them question and make comments about what's in front of them. It’s lovely to see how children can be so thoughtful and fun at the same time. Parents always make sure to try to answer their child's questions in one way or another. Here is the list of the 20 hilarious text conversations between kids and parents that will surely make you laugh out loud!
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#1. Mothers definitely know how to handle kids on a Saturday morning!

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#2. Awww, in case of good news, confetti is a way of celebration

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#3. Every number is a cost! It is all about money.

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#4. The realization that could have hit after the remaining 1/4th would have been much more hilarious.

Source: kanm03

#5. It is rather ironic how she discovered that, hope the kid never visits a poultry farm.

Source: average_dad1

#6. What is there to apologize for when there is no pain felt.

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#7. Whatever is dirty should be thrown in the garbage no matter what the cost might be.

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#8. That itself is an important question too!

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#9. He gets paid in trucks filled with celery!

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#10. Always remember to leave your identity behind after coloring on the table.

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#11. The conversations with “If’s” and “But’s” are always way too distressing for kids.

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#12. Hmm, the conversation took a quick turn and settled down or things could have escalated quickly.

Source: mom_tho

#13. We all need souvenirs of where and whom we have come across.

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#14. The six-year-old seems to know a lot of mechanics going on inside the drain.


#15. The shock the dad must have gotten seems hilarious.

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#16. And that just breaks you down laughing, so no more arguing.

Source: jennypentland

#17. That is some next-level unnecessary math right there.


#18. This dad is giving some tea on kids, making a fool out of them while you can, and then it is karma.

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#19. The child safety lock knows exactly who the child is with tiny hands.

Source: azedi

#20. Snacks are always more festive than dinner!

Source: kids_kubed

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