Conservationists Finally See What They Have Been Waiting For In Trail Camera

An increasing number of wild animals are put on the verge of extinction due to habitat loss and illegal hunting. The disappearance of many species is associated with food chain interruption, ecological imbalance, and environmental catastrophes. Thus, animal enthusiasts and conservationists have tried their best to prevent the problem from exacerbating.
Denise M. Peterson, the founder of the Utah Mountain Lion Conservation, is a dedicated conservationist with a strong affinity for mountain lions. A few months ago, she spotted a male and female mountain lion wandering around the Utah wilderness. With the hope of seeing a cub soon, she’d been checking the trail camera from time to time. Eventually, she got what she’d been waiting for in the footage- three lion cubs rambling with their mom through the snow. “I was over-the-moon excited!” Peterson shared.


She couldn’t wait for any second to share her joy with other people and immediately posted the footage to Facebook with the caption “Yesterday's camera check came with a delightful surprise.”
According to The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, about 2,500 mountain lions are living in Utah. The felines are mysterious, so their exact population is unknown. Peterson shared that more people were hunting in the region, putting the mountain lion in serious danger. It’s difficult for lion babies to survive, so the appearance of three healthy kittens makes people thrilled. “It was truly a gift!” Peterson said.


These cubs will spend about 18 months to two years with their mother to acquire crucial skills such as hunting, stalking, selecting, and catching prey. The Mountain Lion Foundation pointed out that these big felines are “ecological engineers” that play a vital role in keeping the ecosystem well-functioned and alleviating climate change.


In the video, you can see the kittens follow their mother wherever she goes. It’s really fascinating to see this small family have a good time roaming around together without the fear of poachers and other dangerous elements.

What do you think about these cats? In your opinion, what could we do to minimize our negative impacts on wildlife? What did you do to help the animals? Let us know your ideas and experiences in the comment below, and remember to check out other posts on our site for more fascinating stories!
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