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Who Is Clayanna Warthen From Basketball Wives? Bio, Career, Husband Revealed

Clayanna Warthen, a name familiar to fans of the reality TV show "Basketball Wives," has caught people's eye not just for her television appearances but also for her personal life. Let's delve into the life of Clayanna Warthen, exploring various facets from her career to her personal life, including her relationship with NBA star Andre Iguodala.


Meet Clayanna Warthen From Basketball Wives

Clayanna Warthen From Basketball Wives Source: VH1
Born on October 18, 1984, in Camden, New Jersey, Clayanna Warthen's early years were filled with ambition and resilience. She grew up getting through tough times in her environment, which played a key role in shaping her character. Known as "Jazz" during her high school days at Pennsauken High School, Warthen showed off her smarts and skills in academic prowess and extracurricular involvement.


Education has played a key role in Clayanna Warthen's life. She holds a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, reflecting her deep interest in law and justice. This studying hard was not just a formality; it came from a real love for legal studies. She even contemplated law school, with aspirations of becoming an attorney.


Clayanna Warthen's career path is as diverse as it is always changing. From her initial foray into the Entertainment industry as a hip-hop video model to her emergence as a television personality, her journey reflects this change. Her appearances in music videos for artists like Cassidy and Young Jeezy grabbed people's attention, setting the stage for her entry into reality television. Her role in "Basketball Wives" brought a fresh twist in her career, showcasing her personality and life experiences to a broader audience.

Clayanna's Husband

Clayanna Warthen's relationship with Andre Iguodala, an NBA player, really influenced her public persona. Their connection, starting in 2004, lasted for about five years, during which they welcomed their daughter, London. This relationship pushed Clayanna into the public eye, particularly when legal disputes emerged.
The couple's legal battles, mainly about child support and custody issues, became a focal point in the media. In 2009, Clayanna filed a lawsuit against Iguodala for child support, a case that resurfaced in 2016 when she sought an increase in the support amount. These legal proceedings, often publicized, show the truth about the complexities and challenges of their post-relationship dynamics, especially concerning the welfare of their daughter.

Clayanna Warthen In The Show Basketball Wives

clayanna basketball wives husband Source: VH1
On "Basketball Wives", Clayanna Warthen's presence is characterized by her engaging interactions and the noteworthy events she's involved in. Her journey on the show is marked by a blend of camaraderie and conflict, showcasing her as a multifaceted personality amidst a dynamic cast.
Clayanna's interactions with fellow cast members like Brooke Bailey, Evelyn Lozada, and Jackie Christie bring various dimensions to the show. Her rapport with Brooke, especially, stands out during a fundraiser event hosted by Brooke in memory of her late daughter, Kayla Nicole Bailey. This fundraiser, aimed at supporting Kayla's foundation KNB Life Inc., sees Clayanna joining forces with others to support the cause, highlighting her compassionate side.
Another significant moment involves Vanessa, a cast member striving to realize her dream of opening a basketball gym in Los Angeles. Clayanna's involvement in these discussions and her perspective on Vanessa's aspirations add depth to the narrative.
The show also delves into Clayanna's personal challenges, particularly her past legal battles with Andre Iguodala. These segments offer viewers a closer look at the complexities of her life beyond the camera, adding layers to her character on the show.
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