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  1. How would Christopher Nolan change The Avengers?
  2. Here’s the director’s answer.
  3. Christopher Nolan will stay true to his style.
  4. Christopher Nolan is no stranger to the superhero genre.
  5. What type of MCU movie will pique Christopher Nolan’s interest?

Christopher Nolan Gives Hilarious Answer About What Would Happen If He Directed The Avengers

There’s no need to introduce more about Christopher Nolan, as his illustrious career in filmmaking stands as a testament to his unmatched talent and visionary prowess. His most recent box office blockbuster, Oppenheimer, proves to be another great success and gained explosive reviews from fans and critics. Robert Downey Jr., who’s best known for his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, also stars in the critically acclaimed movie, and is widely praised for his performance as Lewis Strauss, the American philanthropist in the movie. 

Nolan and Downey Jr. have formed a close bond during filming, and are often seen together in public events and interviews regarding the movie. Recently, in an interview with WIRED, the two sat down and answer some questions to promote Oppenheimer, one of which mentioned what difference would Nolan make if he directed one of Downey Jr.’s best Movies, The Avengers (2012). And believe me, the two’s answers will catch you off guard. 


#1. How would Christopher Nolan change The Avengers?

Released back in 2012, The Avengers has grossed over $1.5 billion worldwide, and was widely considered one of the most ambitious superhero movies and crossover projects of all time. The presence of the film at the box office alone has made a revolutionary change to filming history. It also perfectly set up multiple blockbuster franchises and titles in the MCU, including the $2.799 billion Avengers: Endgame. 

In a recent interview with WIRE, Christopher Nolan gave us some insights into how he would change the 2012 movie had he directed it in Joss Whedon’s place, while the Iron Man Star also chimed in with some comical response.


#2. Here’s the director’s answer.

RDJ: What if Christopher Nolan directed The Avengers?

NOLAN: Wow, that is the multiverse conundrum. Having worked with you on Oppenheimer, there'd probably be a lot too much Tony Stark. You'd be running away with the movie a little bit.

RDJ: Like I didn't.

NOLAN: Even more. And not like you in CG. Would you be prepared to get one of those jetpacks, the ones they make for real?

RDJ: Yeah, if Christopher Nolan had directed The Avengers, we would still be shooting it.


#3. Christopher Nolan will stay true to his style.

One of Nolan’s most distinguished and unique filmmaking features is his commitment to practical effects to enhance the authenticity of his narratives and captivate audiences. In the latest Oppenheimer, he also directed the elaborate nuclear explosion scene without any CGI work involved. According to the director’s answer here, it seems like even an action-packed movie like The Avengers would be no exception, despite the film’s overwhelming elements of fantasy and sci-fi effects. 

Robert Downey Jr. also addressed this unorthodox aspect of Nolan by humorously adding that if the director were to take charge of The Avengers, the blockbuster movie wouldn’t even have completed filming yet.


#4. Christopher Nolan is no stranger to the superhero genre.

Source: Warner Bros

Having directed the critically acclaimed The Dark Knight trilogy himself, Nolan knows exactly what it takes to make a superb superhero franchise. In the franchise, Christian Bale has delivered a brilliant performance as Batman, and elevated the Caped Crusader’s live-action role to a whole new level. Along with Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight series are easily two of the best superhero franchises in the 2000s before Marvel Studios step onto the scene.

However, Marvel fans shouldn’t get their hopes too high for Nolan to direct an MCU movie in the future. The director has refuted all rumors about a potential Bale’s Batman 4 movie, and simply said “No” when asked if he’ll take charge of a Marvel project in its later Phases. Of course, Nolan might change his mind once again if he sees enough potential in a future project.


#5. What type of MCU movie will pique Christopher Nolan’s interest?

Source: Marvel

Given Nolan’s unique style in filming, we can think of a few Marvel characters that he can direct. For instance, since the director has already worked on The Dark Knight trilogy, a superhero with a darker story similar to Batman would work, such as Daredevil, Blade, or Johnny Blaze. A hero who wields abstract magic spells such as Doctor Strange could also work, as it will utilize Nolan’s stunning visual work and cerebral style that can bend the audience's perception of reality, albeit he’d have to rely a bit on CGI to display Strange’s magic.

Which Marvel movie do you want Christopher Nolan to direct, and how would he film them? Share your thoughts in the comment.

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