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  1. A Reluctant Crooner: Chris Pine's Musical Reservations
  2. Into The Woods Of Anxiety: Pine's Past Singing Endeavors
  3. Disney's 'Wish': A Magical Musical Milestone

Chris Pine Admits He Was Nervous To Sing Again For Disney's 'Wish': 'It's Not My Forte'

Chris Pine, known for his prowess on the screen, recently took on a new challenge for Disney's upcoming movie musical, 'Wish.' In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the 43-year-old actor admitted to feeling anxious about singing once again. Pine, not one to consider singing his forte, shared his apprehension and the pressure of being tasked with such a musical role.
Despite his reservations, Pine embraced the unique style of the songs composed by Julia Michaels and Benjamin Rice for this Disney celebration of 100 years of storytelling. As 'Wish' hits theaters on November 22, let's delve into Pine's musical journey and how he navigated the challenge of singing for the big screen.

#1. A Reluctant Crooner: Chris Pine's Musical Reservations

Chris Pine Source: AP
In the candid interview, Pine expressed his initial hesitation about taking on a singing role, confessing that being hired for such a task was initially met with surprise. His discomfort with singing, however, didn't hinder his appreciation for the intricate style of the songs penned by Michaels and Rice. Pine describes the melodies as Sondheim-esque, showcasing a deliberate play against the dominant lines, and offering a unique storytelling perspective.
“Every time you’re like, ‘They f—ing hired me?! Oh my God, no,’” Pine, 43, said Entertainment Weekly in a Monday, November 20, interview regarding his singing ability. “It’s not my forte, it’s not my background.”
“There’s a dominant melody line and [Michaels] deliberately plays against it,” he provided an explanation to the news organization. “I think that’s how you really hear the story of the lyric. It is [Stephen] Sondheim-esque because his work is very similarly atonal. It’s always plot-driven and emotionally driven as opposed to just something in a pretty song. I loved the challenge of it, but I was definitely a nervous singer, for sure.”

#2. Into The Woods Of Anxiety: Pine's Past Singing Endeavors

Into The Woods Of Anxiety: Pine's Past Singing Endeavors Source: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney
This isn't Pine's first foray into the world of movie musicals. The actor previously showcased his vocal talents in the 2014 film 'Into the Woods.' Recounting his experience, Pine shared the nervous moments, including an encounter with legendary composer Stephen Sondheim, highlighting the pressure and scrutiny that comes with singing in the spotlight. Despite his anxieties, Pine faces the challenge head-on, demonstrating his commitment to the craft.
“Stephen Sondheim came into the recording session with the full orchestra. As I was coming out, he said, ‘What was that note in the second stanza?’ I said, ‘Oh! B.’ He’s like, ‘It’s an A-flat,’” the Star Trek actor shared. “The point being is that he heard me screw up. So, that’s a long way of saying, yes, I was terrified.”

#3. Disney's 'Wish': A Magical Musical Milestone

Disney's 'Wish': A Magical Musical Milestone Source: Disney
Set to release on November 22, 'Wish' stars Pine as Magnifico, a sorcerer leading the magical kingdom of Rosas. The film, honoring Disney Animation Studios' 100-year anniversary, follows the journey of Asha, played by Ariana DeBose. Pine's role adds a musical element to the narrative, amplifying the celebration of Disney's storytelling legacy. With Pine's nervous excitement and the film's magical premise, 'Wish' promises to be a cinematic spectacle that captures the essence of Disney's enchanting tales.
As Chris Pine bravely steps into the realm of Disney's 'Wish,' his candid revelations about overcoming musical anxiety add an intriguing layer to the anticipation surrounding the film. With a star-studded cast and Pine's willingness to embrace the challenge, 'Wish' is poised to be a magical celebration of Disney's century-long storytelling legacy. Join us as we witness Pine's musical metamorphosis and the enchanting journey 'Wish' brings to the silver screen.
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