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Chicago PD Season 11 Filming Locations: Where Is Chicago PD SS11 Filmed?

"Chicago PD," the engaging police procedural drama, keeps grabbing the audience with its real-deal representation of the Windy City's law enforcement. As the series gets ready for its 11th season, let's jump into the filming locations that make this intense drama come alive.

Chicago PD Season 11 Filming Locations

Source: NBC

Chicago PD is primarily filmed on location in Chicago, Illinois. And Chicago PD Season 11 is not an exception. This season keeps using the city's diverse landscape to create an engaging watch. Each location is super important in shaping the series' raw and real vibe. 

Chicago PD Season 11 filming is set to begin at the end of November. Chicago PD was renewed for an 11th season back in April 2023, but filming has been delayed due to the actors’ and writers’ strikes. Hopefully filming will resume soon, and new episodes could be on their way in the spring of 2024.

1. Chicago, Illinois

The core of the show, Chicago's lively streets and famous spots are central to the show's setting. From the high-energy downtown to peaceful residential neighborhoods, the city's many sides are a major part of every episode.

2. Cinespace Chicago Film Studios

This huge studio space is where a lot of the action happens. With top-notch facilities, Cinespace makes it possible to recreate various settings essential to the series, making it a key part of the production.

3. The 11th District Police Station

Showing the fictional 21st District Station, this actual spot in the Near West Side neighborhood is more than just a backdrop – it's a symbol of the show's commitment to authenticity.

Chicago PD Season 11 Filming LocationsSource: NBC

4. Chicago Riverwalk

A stunning spot, the Riverwalk gives a peaceful background for some of the series' most intense scenes, adding to the show's visual charm.

5. The Loop

Downtown Chicago, or 'The Loop', is the ideal place for high-stakes action. Its huge skyscrapers and busy streets capture the city's energy that "Chicago PD" showcases.

6. Chicago Neighborhoods

From Chinatown to Little Italy, the series covers various neighborhoods, showing off the city's amazing cultural mix. Each area adds its special touch to the storyline.

7. New Filming Locations

Given the changing storyline of Season 11, new places might be shown to match the evolving storylines. The season, all about "new possibilities," could introduce new places in Chicago, reflecting the characters' journeys and the city's changing scene.


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