Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 13 Explained: What Happened Between Carver and Stella?

Chicago Fire returned on February 15 with Season 11, Episode 13. Following the events, isn’t it fair to say that things are going to get complicated for Carver? Also, by the end of the episode, fans were left wondering if Carver's (Jake Lockett) future at Firehouse 51 is in jeopardy. Here is a comprehensive explanation of Chicago Fire season 11 episode 13.

#1. Is Carver leaving?

Chicago Fire episode 13 Carver and StellaSource: NBC

When you consider the character's recent actions, it feels highly likely that Firehouse 51 will be his final home. This evening, being surrounded by family seemed to frighten him, but that was before he snapped at Stella near the end of the episode.
Heck, it was made even more obvious in the preview for the upcoming episode that Stella is once again having trust issues with the man. Severide has also given her all the help she needs if she wants to transfer him out, but is that really what will happen in this situation?

Chicago Fire episode 13 Carver and StellaSource: TV Line

At the moment, let’s just say that this situation is more than a little bit messy, since there may be some reasons why Carver is acting as he is. One of the bigger theories floating around is that he has feelings for Kidd, knows that it’s wrong, and is trying to push her away.
Another thing to consider here is simply that Carver’s not used to feeling that close to anyone and as a result of this, a default instinct is just to self-destruct. He may assume somewhere within him that things are going to end badly and he’d rather be the one responsible for the ending. That way, he doesn’t get as hurt. This is an interesting arc here, mostly because this franchise hasn’t quite had someone like Carver over the years. He clearly can be good at his job, and the problems he’s dealing with seem to be much more mental in nature. They also are not ones that are easy to resolve.
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#2. What happened between Carver and Stella in Chicago Fire? 

Chicago Fire episode 13 Carver and StellaSource: Hello Magazine

In a previous episode, Stella (Miranda Rae Mayo) finally learned the origin of Carver's mysterious scar: His older brother pushed him into a fire. Carver and said brother are now estranged—which is why it was shocking when he showed up to 51 in Episode 13 asking Carver for money. The brother is arrogant, condescending, and belittles Carver every chance he gets—so Stella was thrilled to tell the young firefighter (in front of his brother) that he was getting an award from the city. It was a feel-good moment, but clearly something about his brother's surprise appearance—and Stella's sisterly protection—got to Carver.
In one of the last scenes of the episode, he snaps at Stella in a way that really surprises her. "I don't wanna do this happy 51 family act, OK?" Carver says. "This isn't my family. This is a workplace. And it's getting pretty damn suffocating, to be honest." 

Chicago Fire episode 13 Carver and StellaSource: TV Insider

Stella leaves the altercation without saying anything but later recaps what happened to Severide (Taylor Kinney). To this, Severide says, "Boden's watched you give it your all with Carver. He wanted you to take him in, develop him, and you did that. But now if you don't think he's the right man for 51 longterm, I know Boden would respect your decision to transfer him out. So would I." 
So, what does this mean? Is Carver out at 51? Did his tense moment with Stella cost him the role? To find out, keep watching Chicago Fire on NBC Wednesdays at 9/8c and next day on Peacock is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about updated TV & Movies.
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