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  1. #1. They lie down in cars to keep their outfits from getting wrinkled.
  2. #2. They choose shoes in a bigger size.
  3. #3. They strike their signature poses.
  4. #4. They use eye shadow to make their hair look thicker.
  5. #5. They use a shapewear under their outfit
  6. #6. They wear comfy sneakers.
  7. #7. They use soap to tame stubborn zippers.
  8. #8. They use hairspray to fight static.
  9. #9. They use tape to create a stunning cleavage.

Celebrities Use These Simple Red Carpet Lifehacks to Look Perfect

Step onto any red carpet event, and you'll witness a dazzling display of Hollywood's finest adorned in glamorous attire, flawless makeup, and stunning hairstyles. Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to look absolutely perfect every single time? Well, we've uncovered their well-guarded secret: simple red-carpet lifehacks that take their star power to the next level. From achieving radiant skin to creating show-stopping ensembles, these A-listers have mastered the art of looking picture-perfect effortlessly.

Whether it's a striking pose or a radiant smile, there's more than meets the eye in their flawless appearances. Join us as we unravel the insider tips and tricks that celebrities swear by to leave us all awestruck. Get ready to unveil the mystery behind their red carpet allure and discover how you too can incorporate these celebrity-approved lifehacks into your own daily routine. Prepare to turn heads and feel like an A-lister with these simple secrets straight from Tinseltown.


#1. They lie down in cars to keep their outfits from getting wrinkled.

Source: jenniferaniston
Many stars love wearing elaborate dresses on the red carpet. To protect them from wrinkling, they decide to lie down in their car seats instead of sitting in them. “No wrinkles... Harder than it looks!” shared Jennifer Aniston in her post revealing her lying down in the car on the way to the SAG Awards.

#2. They choose shoes in a bigger size.

Big size is a good choice for celebrities' shoes because this is really practical. Stars often go up a size as they choose shoes for events to avoid blisters and swelling.

#3. They strike their signature poses.

Source: AXELLE/East News, AXELLE/East News
Indeed, celebrities can find out their own signature poses after many years of posing in front of cameras. They know exactly how to demonstrate their curves at the best angle. Jennifer Lopez, for instance, often shows off her lags and chooses dresses with side slits that help her do that.

#4. They use eye shadow to make their hair look thicker.

Source: Derrick Salters / News
Many famous people apply this trick and you can use this too. Just pick matte eye shadows that match the color of your hair and bring it onto your hairline or hair part wit a makeup brush.

#5. They use a shapewear under their outfit

Source: © mindykaling/Instagram, Jordan Strauss/East News
No matter if they don't have perfect shapes in ordinary terms, actresses are just women who want to be gorgeous. Many of them use shapewear and are open about it. For example, Mindy Kaling disclosed the secret on her Instagram, in which she uploaded a photo in shapewear while preparing for the awards ceremony.

#6. They wear comfy sneakers.

Source: EAST NEWS, AP/East News, AP/East News
Celebrities use a variety of strategies to keep their feet safe during extended parties, in addition to wearing larger shoes. Instead of torturing yourself by donning uncomfortably high heels, why not just put on a pair of sneakers? Actresses Sally Field and Hailee Steinfeld did this at the Vanity Fair Oscar parties.
Source: John Shearer/AP/East News, © David Livingston/Getty Images

#7. They use soap to tame stubborn zippers.

Source: Dee Cercone/Everett Collection/East News
Even though stylists and celebrities check their attire carefully before events, anything can happen. Rub a bar of soap on the affected area to help move zippers up or down if they are difficult to open, close, or get stuck.

#8. They use hairspray to fight static.

Source: MARK RALSTON/AFP/East News
Static electricity can bring about a lot of trouble. To get rid of it, celebrity stylists use a bunch of simple tricks. For example, they apply aerosol hairspray on the inside of garments, touch their garments with wet hands, or sprinkle some baby powder on their clients’ skin.

#9. They use tape to create a stunning cleavage.


Celebrities do their best to avoid wardrobe mishaps by choosing clothing that doesn't reveal too much, such as strapless dresses or gowns with plunging necklines. Many famous women use tape to accentuate their cleavage. Kristen Bell tapes her clothes to conceal anything she doesn't want others to see, while Kim Kardashian uses tape to make herself look better in bra-less outfits. You don't need to use duct tape if you want to try this trick as well. Instead, you can experiment with cosmetics made specifically for this need, like hypoallergenic breast lifting tape.

What techniques do you use to look hip at parties?

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