Cat Owner Asks Reddit For Advice On How To Cool Cats In Summer Heat, And The Answers Are Hilarious

Global warming is getting much more serious recently, and no place on the planet could be safe from its grave consequences. In the summertime, instead of feeling energetic and active under the sun, more and more people have to sneak into their houses with shut windows and turn the air conditioner on. Whenever a heatwave comes, we tend to sweat to the max even after taking off all our clothes. That means summer nowadays has become a boiling hell for furry animals. Therefore, most pet owners try their best to reduce their baby’s heat so that they can overcome sweltering days.

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A Reddit user posted a snap of their two super fluffy cats on the internet and consulted netizens about methods to help them feel better. The pic with the caption “They're struggling in the heat. Any advice?” has gained over 26,600 upvotes and 3,000 comments.
The public felt sorry for British cats with their long and thick fur. With the unprecedented temperature in the UK today, they must endure so much pain and tiredness.

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Luckily, there were many ways to deal with the heat. If the Redditor couldn’t afford the air conditioner, they should try several methods that netizens suggested. A potential solution for the cat owner was to take advantage of wet towels and fans.

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An important note from others was to keep the heat out of the house by closing all doors and windows. Putting frozen stuff in front of a fan to get cool air could be another great idea.

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It was also crucial to keep the cats hydrated with enough water. Some recommended the poster put ice cubes in their water and freeze their food so that they felt more comfortable when eating.

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Many also shared the same concern with the Reddit user. As cat parents, they worried about their babies and strived to alleviate the heat with various methods. However, not all the suggested tips worked as they depended much on the cat’s preference.

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Do you have fluffy pets such as cats and dogs? What do you do to help them overcome the dog days of summer? Do you have any advice for the poster of this Reddit thread? We’d love to know about your ideas, so please comment in the section below!
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