"Casual UK": 20 Amusing Posts That Fully Reflect British Humor And They'll Make You Giggle

England is famed not just as the motherland of the valiant musketeers but also as the "land of fog," one of Europe's cultural hubs with the world's most sophisticated education. Yet the locals are also known for their sense of humor. If we equate their wit with artistic treasures, perhaps Casual UK is a well-known museum like the Louvre. This UK-based subreddit is dedicated to sharing non-political news, comments, and discussion. G7 security, a front seat on a double-decker bus, a conflict between the US and the UK, and many more will make you laugh out loud.
Here are 20 amusing posts that fully reflect British humor, as shared on Casual UK. Scroll down to check them out, and don’t hesitate to share them with your relatives. Have a good laugh!

#1. Spotted in Manchester

Source: tomwilkinson777

#2. G7 security

Source: redunculuspanda

#3. Good old national trust

Source: nationaltrust

#4. If you can read this, you are not a train!

Source: TropicalTito

#5. Struggling to understand the hype around Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson going to space when a guy from Wigan (and his dog) reached the moon in a homemade rocket in 1989? Why is the media silent on this?

Source: Sir_Newty_Newt

#6. Richard Osman from pointless having some culture problems

Source: richardosman

#7. Historical figures lined up for the reopening of the Museum of Gloucester

Source: Dommlid

#8. Now this is how you sell a laminator

Source: Roz Thompson

#9. This company has been getting boycotted over its name. I’m sorry but this is brilliant British Humour

Source: Kingkunta87

#10. This 900-year-old floor tile at Gloucester cathedral contains the footprint of a very good boy

Source: Trilobite_Tom

#11. I applaud Tesco for doing this

Source: lodge28

#12. Only in the UK would it be understood by everyone this is a message of affection

Source: jimmyleeerd

#13. Heading back to the movies: US Vs UK

Source: ramy81

#14. Hmmm

Source: Blargenfarble

#15. The City of Leicester starts turning bus stops into “bee stops”

Source: Stotallytob3r

#16. Today I stumbled upon where history was made

Source: JonAddo

#17. Front seat on a double-decker bus

Source: LIS1050010

#18. I think that's the most British thing I've ever seen!

Source: TheForthWallBreaker

#19. The title of the next Bond film announced!

Source: fi-ri-ku-suReport

#20. Jesus Saves! (but can’t park for shit)

Source: fi-ri-ku-suReport

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