Candidate Turns Down A Job Opportunity Due To Making Impersonal Video Recordings In His Interview Process

In the modern world, with the advent of technology, the traditional recruitment process has given way to more flexible methods. Instead of a face-to-face appointment, now an employer can interact with the candidates via video conferencing or online meetings. The purpose of an interview is to get a better understanding of each other, so it must be two-way interaction. When the company requires applicants to send an impersonal video recording as the first step of the interview process, however, it is accidentally ruining its first impression in the candidate's eyes.


A Reddit user known as u/AlistairBennet posted to the subreddit r/antiwork the screenshot of the email he replied to the company he had applied. The employer asked him to send a video recording before the face-to-face interview, which seemed weird from the poster’s point of view. The Redditor believed that the first impression was crucial not only for the candidates but also for the recruiter. In an appointment, the company and applicants would have a chance to discuss the job as well as extra perks for the employee. In contrast, he saw no benefits in recording an awkward video, so he refused to do.

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The candidate explained that the company should have shown respect and appreciation toward those who applied for the position. He was disappointed with the employer, so he decided to quit. The Redditor thought it wasn’t worth spending his precious time on a company that didn’t have time for him.

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Many netizens gave applause to the poster in the comment section. They liked his eloquent email and hoped the company would learn a lesson after reading it.

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Some commented that video recordings had become a trend recently, so employees had to accustom themselves to it. Many shared their terrible experience doing that step of the interview, and they never wanted to do it again. Undoubtedly, looking at the camera and talking to themselves were so awkward that they couldn't stand it.

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Nevertheless, others, especially those not into talking face-to-face with recruiters, were open to the idea of video recordings. They shared that it was an effective screening method for many employers today. After passing the screening, the candidates would be invited to an interview, so they could still get insights into the company.

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What do you think about impersonal video recordings as the first step of the interview process? Have you ever experienced that? Do you think it is effective and convenient? Let us know about your views by commenting in the section below!
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