Candice Parchment's Diary: What Did She Write In It? 

Hulu’s How I Caught My Killer features nine true-crime stories, with each episode highlighting a unique homicide case that the victim helped solve from beyond the grave. The docuseries’ second episode revisits the murder of Candice Parchment, a 15-year-old Georgia high school student who disappeared on April 28, 2010. Unable to get in touch with her daughter, Parchment’s mother, Caffian Hyatt, reported her missing. She eventually received two text messages, purportedly from her daughter, stating that she was OK and in Tennessee, but she did not believe Parchment sent them.
Her death was featured in How I Caught My Killer, exploring the diary that helped police solve the case. What did she write in it?

1. How I Caught My Killer: What is it about?

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How I Caught My Killer features in-depth interviews, archival material, and cinematic recreations to tell the stories behind “unique homicide cases,” per the Hulu synopsis. This is a bit of a different take on the true-crime docuseries, as the murder victims “catch” their killers from beyond the grave.
The docuseries shows text messages, social media, diaries, and more helped solve these cases. The victims were able to provide justice for themselves, even though they’re gone. Each episode focuses on a different murder victim.
According to Hulu, some of the cases the series focuses on are also about those in “underserved and invisible communities.” It portrays how there are “systemic failures” in the United States and the fact that the system doesn’t always see those in these communities, the streaming service shares. The trailer reveals many of the victims were young, how the victims left their own clues without knowing it, and how their killers were caught. 

2. Candice Parchment's Diary: What in it? 

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The Clayton County Police Department didn't get a break in the case until two years after Candice disappeared when Hyatt found her daughter's diary. Hyatt was packing her home to move when she stumbled upon her late teenager's diary. "Her mother still had the hope that she was going to come home," said Melvin. "She kept Candice's things right where they were and then finally got the courage to go through her stuff.
Curious, Hyatt skimmed through the pages and came across something that would give police a break in the case and ultimately lead them to Candice's killers. It was in this diary that Candice described in detail an attack by two other teenagers, Marshae Hickman and Jermaine Robinson, on the evening of January 5, 2010. Upon reading the passages, Hyatt rushes to the police station to give Melvin the diary.
"Candice said 'Hey, Detective Melvin, I got something to tell you,'" said Melvin speaking about the discovery.

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According to Candice, two teenage boys lured her to a house near her neighborhood and wanted to have intercourse with her. "I snuck out of my house to go meet with two friends, well, not really friends, but people who I talk to," wrote Candice in her diary. "Both were guys." Candice wrote that it had been so dark that night that she only use her phone to light her path. Months later, in November 2010, bones were discovered under a mattress in a wooded area by “two scavengers”, according to detectives. The bones were found near the teen’s home, leading investigators to believe they might have belonged to Candice.
In the episode, detective Ashley Melvin recounted the time he went to Hyatt’s home after the discovery of the bones for a DNA sample. While getting the DNA from Hyatt, Melvin said he also showed the teen’s mother some clothes that were found alongside the body.
“We showed her the t-shirt and a jacket. Both times she recognized the clothes,” said Melvin. “She said ‘That’s Candice’s shirt and that’s Candice’s jacket, I know because I bought it.’” The scene didn't hold many clues to point police in the direction of the killer and so the case ran cold. "It's over a year. It's been almost two years. The pain never goes away," Hyatt said. is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about trending news.
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