Can You Make It Through These Chilling Photos Without Nervous Laughing?

Do you believe in the supernatural? Have you ever encountered anything unexplainable and scary? Well, while you are scratching your heads trying to come up with a solid definition of chilling photos, there’s a huge side of the Internet that is dedicated to exactly that. So keep reading as Emily takes you further down the rabbit hole, which is filled with unexplained, spine-chilling photos that can give you an instant shiver.
As some users express, "If the image causes confusion, eeriness, or dread, the spirit of an image is fulfilled." The pics below will show exactly that. While they might provoke an emotional response from us, such as fear, unease, or discomfort, it's still way too exciting for us to see one. That is why we have compiled a list of some of the best of them for you to enjoy in a way that will send chills down your spine, à la scary movies. So if you enjoy this type of thing, then this collection is just for you. Let’s dive right in!

#1. "Had to walk by this in my building at 3 AM."

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#2. “Something is looking at me from the sink.”

Source: Jancer16

#3. "So this happens..."

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#4. RUN.

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#5. "My husband just sent me this... it was taken on his way to work this morning."

Source: fmlmel

#6. “I work at a state park. Was exploring one of the abandoned buildings and decided to check out the bathroom. I got scared to death.”

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#7. “I was taking pictures of a house and later I saw that I was not alone there.”

Source: alecd

#8. “It was standing in front of my bedroom window at 2 a.m.”

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#9. “Mom was going through old photos of me...”

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#10. The moment you realize...

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#11. WTF?

Source: biganth

#12. "Someone took a photo at the exact moment a mosquito flew past the camera."

Source: ceeman77

#13. Nuclear shadow, Nagasaki:

Source: allez05

#14. All of a sudden I feel like a treat...

Source: asilvertintedrose

#15. These mirror sculptures reflect:

Source: kandieee1996

#16. "I was taking out the trash this morning and found bare footprints."


#17. "Taking a lift in Gwangju, 1984."

Source: Pennsylvasia

#18. Uh-oh!

Source: garywinthorpe420


Source: gujii

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