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  1. She rarely used sunscreen when being young.
  2. She massages her face with a roller.
  3. At night, she applies rich skincare products.
  4. Her beauty routine is simple.

Brooke Shields, 58, Unveils Her Biggest Beauty Regret That Might Speed Up Aging

Brooke Shields' timeless beauty has beguiled the masses over the years regardless of her age. Despite her look, she says her appearance looks older than she truly is. It turns out that there is a surprising regret that has influenced the way she ages. 

At the age of 58, the actress frankly opens up about a beauty mistake that is common but results in premature wrinkles. Thanks to her experience and valuable insights, we can avoid the same misstep. 


She rarely used sunscreen when being young.

As you know, standing in the sun for too long is harmful to the skin, causing premature wrinkles and fine lines. Brooke Shields is aware of how important she needs to protect her skin but she confesses it wasn’t always the case. 


“I wish I had worn more sunscreen as a kid. I was from the era of, you put baby oil [on] and you put tin foil around a record, and you hold it...and you just try to get all the sun that you can get — which is terrible for you,” she said. Shields now protects her skin against the sun all year round. “Even though it might be winter, I still know my skin needs UV protection,” she added.


She massages her face with a roller.

Being a famous actress, Brooke Shields effortlessly afford luxurious facial treatments. However, she chose a facial roller to freshen up her skin in the morning. “The circulation that I feel when I roll...there’s like a pinker quality to my skin. And I feel like it’s waking up my face, waking up my skin,” she shared.


At night, she applies rich skincare products.

It is believed that we should apply moisturizers before sleeping because, at that time, the skin regenerates. The actress says she prefers a nourishing balm that she can wash off without using hot water. “It’s anti-inflammatory, it has a really great texture (and doesn’t need a soap to remove it), but my skin still feels moisturized after. I don’t do the vitamin C at night; I do the vitamin A little ampules,” she shares. 


Her beauty routine is simple.

You don’t need to apply complicated skincare routines, but doing something simple daily can help you achieve a perfect complexion. 

Brooke Shields said “We don’t really think of our skin as an organ, but it is the largest organ of the body,” She added “So as I got older, I started enjoying the ritual or the idea that it’s not a chore to take care of your’s a privilege. It doesn’t have to be 20 minutes. It can be seven minutes.”

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