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  1. Britney Spears Sparked A Stunning Explosion On Social Media
  2. She Explains On Her Instagram
  3. She Went On To Dispute Another Rumor

Britney Spears Claims She Will ‘Never Return To Music Industry’ And Explains Why

Following rumors that Charli XCX and Julia Michaels had been approached to present songs for a new album, the pop star said that she only writes for fun or other artists. In response to reports by Page Six and The Sun, Britney Spears has denied claims that Charli XCX and Julia Michaels were asked to write songs for her new album.
Rolling Stone quoted a source saying that "management and A&R are trying to get her excited for the music. As of right now, she’s not actively in recording but they’re getting [songs] done to present to her." Explore below for additional insights into Britney Spears' upcoming career intentions!

#1. Britney Spears Sparked A Stunning Explosion On Social Media

Britney Spears Triggered A Shocking Explosion On Social Media Source: Randee St Nicholas
Britney Spears has been the talk of the town as she recently put an end to the ongoing rumors about her musical comeback. The famous singer has not released a full album since 2016's Glory.
In her recent memoir, titled "The Woman in Me", she mentioned that music was always her passion and the conservatorship, which controlled every aspect of her life from 2008-2021, had a deadly impact on her musical career. 
Fans have been eagerly waiting for her comeback for a long time, but this time, she not only denied the comeback but also hinted at the possibility of retiring from the music industry.

#2. She Explains On Her Instagram

She Explains On Her Instagram Source: AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES
Britney Spears, the Princess of Pop, is refuting rumors about releasing a new album. In a recent Instagram post on Jan. 3, she made it clear that she has no intention of returning to the music industry.
"Just so we’re clear most of the news is trash!" she captioned a photo of a Guido Reni painting of the biblical story of Salome, holding John the Baptist's head on a tray.
"They keep saying I’m turning to random people to do a new album … I will never return to the music industry!!!" she continued. "When I write, I write for fun or I write for other people!!!"
She included that she's written "over 20 songs for other people (in) the past two years."
"I’m a ghostwriter and I honestly enjoy it that way," she said.
A spokesperson for Britney Spears did not immediately respond to's request for clarification on which artists she has written music for.

#3. She Went On To Dispute Another Rumor

Britney Spears Never Return To Music Industry Source: Getty
In her post, Spears also disputed another rumor — that her 2023 memoir "The Woman In Me" was released without her approval, stating that this is "far from the truth."
"The Woman In Me," which came out on Oct. 24, 2023, made several bombshell claims over four decades of the "Toxic" singer's life.
The book contains numerous details about her life during her 13-year conservatorship, which ended in November 2021.
Justin Timberlake Source: DAVE HOGAN/GETTY IMAGES
It also provides insight into her relationship with Justin Timberlake, revealing that she had an abortion when she became pregnant with his child. She also disclosed that she knew Timberlake was unfaithful throughout their relationship and that things finally ended via text, leaving her "devastated."
Spears also shared about her marriage with Kevin Federline, with whom she has two now-teenage boys, which officially ended in 2007.
"So I was young, and I made a lot of mistakes. But I will say this: I wasn’t manipulative. I was just stupid," she wrote in her memoir. "That’s one thing Justin and Kevin ruined about me. I used to trust people. But after the breakup with Justin and then my divorce, I never really did trust people again."
In August 2023, Spears and actor/trainer Sam Asghari ended their marriage after being together for 14 months.
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