Bringing Dog Into Store That Permits Dogs, Woman Gets Criticized For Causing "Stress" For Others

Service animals are popular now. They help people having disabilities and are well-trained to become skillful and experienced. However, most of us don't know exactly about their work, which causes misunderstanding and awkward situations. We believe this story will benefit everyone with some etiquette around service animals.

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Reddit user u/No-Cry-4955 shared on the hot subreddit r/AmItheA**hole about how she was complained about for bringing her two-year-old rottweiler to Tractor Supply. At the store, the OP was told by a woman with a service dog that she shouldn't let her pet dog appear in public. When the OP refused to leave with her pup since the store permitted animals, the woman got angry and filmed them.

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Then, an employee was called to settle the argument and informed the woman again that the store was pet-friendly. The OP and her dog continued to shop. After buying some items, they left and didn't see the woman waiting for them to throw her final tantrum at them. The OP was confused about whether they caused unpleasantness because her furry buddy was on a leash and always calm and obedient.

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Many people in the comment section are on the OP's side. They don't see any problem bringing pet dogs to stores selling pet stuff and allowing pets. Some think that Rottweillers are often misunderstood for being aggressive, so they are not welcomed by service dog users because of fear that they will attack service dogs.

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A few ideas point out that the woman was unhappy with other dogs' appearance because she thought it would make employees and customers forget that she was special. If she didn't feel good being with the OP's dog, she would stay away from them rather than stick around recording and messing with them more.

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Several comments from service animal experts state that pet dogs can sometimes interfere with service dogs' work though service dogs are trained to deal with normal doggy interaction. Hence, service dog users should be more careful when at dog-friendly places. Also, highly energetic or violent dogs need leashing, muzzling, and supervising cautiously.

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Source: DebutsPal

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