Blue British Shorthair, The Cutest Teddy Bear Of Cat Kingdom Will Definitely Melt Your Heart With Their Grumpy Face

Cats are adorable and charming, they are the favorite pets of people around the world. You might have chances to see lots of cat breeds that are so diverse in colors and shapes. But have you ever seen a cat in blue? If the answer is “No”, then prepare yourself as you are going to be amazed by the strange blue cat we're introducing to you today.

Source: Blue Mighty Dragon : British Shorthair

Blue British Shorthair Cat is a member of the British Shorthair breed. First appearing as a domestic animal in the first century AD, these felines are marked as one of the most ancient identifiable cat breeds in the world. They are used to raise by the ancient Romans for the purpose of clearing snakes, mice, and insects from the camps.

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Male cats often range from 9 to 17 pounds and females range between 7 and 12 pounds. This is considered a medium size to large cat and it often costs them up to 3 years to reach their maximum size. The cats’ lifespan can grow up to 20 years due to the fact that this breed doesn’t suffer from the breed-specific problems that other pedigree lines have.

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British Shorthair cats have thick short coats, which are normally colored in deep blue-gray. However, due to the breed with domestic shorthairs, long-haired Persians, and Russian blue cats to maintain the pedigree after World War II, their fur now color can range from lilac, white, chocolate black, to white gray. Just have a look at how stunning the blue coat is!

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Source: Scotland

Source: Scotland

Not only diverse in fur colors, but these shorthair cats have a wide range of eye colors. A deep set of orange eyes is the most popular color that you can see in the lovely face of these teddy bears. Besides, beautiful colors such as deep sapphire blue, gold, green, blue-green, hazel, or copper can also be the main colors of their eyes. The appearance of those attractive eyes makes them even more surreal when they look exactly like an adorable teddy bear.

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Even though these cats are so appealing that you want to hold them forever in your hand, they dislike being picked up and cuddled. These kittens are mellow and calm in nature. They love spending their spare time quietly lying down or playing with their toys. It’s also rare to see them climb the drapes or leap on countertops. Instead, they prefer spending all day sleeping while you’re leaving for work.

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Yet, that doesn’t mean they don’t like being around humans. When you get home, you will find this little cat following you from room to room and won’t leave your side. You’ll surely feel how they’re close to you, just don’t forget to be careful with their private time.

Source: Smiling Brits Cattery

Source: Smiling Brits Cattery

There is no wonder why Blue British cats are so popular among pet lovers. These little felines are cute, calm, and healthy. They’re such amazing companions for both single owners and families since they’re promised to love the pet owners and surely give them a wonderful time once you’re close to them. So, if you’re looking for a pet, why don’t you consider having a British Blue cat?
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