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  1. #1. The new BTS clip didn’t disappoint.
  2. #2. Blue Beetle is one of DCEU’s last legacies.
  3. #3. The hero’s future in the DC Universe will depend on the audience.
  4. #4. Blue Beetle will have more than one post-credit scene.

Blue Beetle’s Latest Behind-the-scenes Clip Makes Us Hype About The Upcoming Movie Even More

As director James Gunn has confirmed, Jaime Reyes, aka Blue Beetle, is going to be the first official superhero in the rebooted DC Universe. Set to release in just a week, there is some skepticism initially for Angel Soto’s latest movie after the latest box office failure of The Flash, however, the latest action-packed trailers from Warner Bros. has raised some positive reactions from fans. Following the footstep of Jaime Reyes, Blue Beetle will tell the story of how the young man bonded with the Scarab, a mystical artifact that grants great alien power to the wielder. 

Just days ago, Screen Rant Plus YouTube Channel released a new BTS video, boasting some impressive action-packed sequences and a stunning CGI display of the movie, while also including some behind-the-scenes footage featuring Xolo Maridueña, the star of the show, as the young man shares some intriguing information about the project. Let’s check out the new clip below.


#1. The new BTS clip didn’t disappoint.

As expected, the latest clip about Blue Beetle got fans on their feet once again, as it’s filled to the brim with intriguing action-packed sequences. The video is about two minutes long, and also gives fans a much closer look at the movie at the development stage, including several stunt scenes with Xolo flying with the new suit, and the storyboard of the film.


Xolo Maridueña and Becky G, who respectively star as the protagonist Jaime Reyes and his companion, the Scarab, share with us some promising details in the clip.

"Blue Beetle is a movie that we’re building from the ground up. When it comes to every department we got some heavy hitters," said the young actor. "Anything [Jaime] can think of, [the Scarab] can create," Becky G also added, complimenting the special effects of the movie.


#2. Blue Beetle is one of DCEU’s last legacies.

While James Gunn has confirmed that Blue Beetle is officially the first-ever DCU superhero, the movie itself belongs to the previous DCEU – one of its last titles along with The Flash. The film follows Jaime Reyes, who returns to his hometown after graduating college, only to find himself intertwine with a mysterious “ancient relic  of alien biotechnology” called the Scarab.


#3. The hero’s future in the DC Universe will depend on the audience.

As Gunn confirmed, Blue Beetle has already cemented his place in the new DC Universe with a potential trilogy, as this is a character with a lot of potential to exploit. The film’s main star, Xolo Maridueña, also shared with us that he’d love to reprise the role for at least 12 more years, and has discussed with both Gunn and Safran about his future in the DCU.


“It's up to everyone to show up for the movie and it's so wonderful that we get to make movies like this. And if it does well, we'll get to open more doors for more Blue Beetles [...] So we're ready to do it again if the crowd wants it." Xolo, who’s best known for his role as Miguel Diaz in Cobra Kai, explains how the audience’s reaction will ultimately decide the fate of the young superhero.


#4. Blue Beetle will have more than one post-credit scene.

According to Luke Bugg, who recently attended the movie’s fan screening, Blue Beetle will feature two post-credit sequences, much like other superhero titles. 

No further details were provided, but with the DCEU coming to an end soon, fans expect the post-credit part to have one scene featuring a fun moment between Jaime and his family, while the other will tease the events in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom – the last installment of the DCEU.

Blue Beetles will hit theaters worldwide this August 18. What’s your expectation for the upcoming DC movie? Let us know in the comment. 

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