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  1. #1. Man of Steel is the foundation of the whole DCEU.
  2. #2. The Man of Steel references are to pay homage to Zach Snyder.
  3. #3. Zach Snyder’s tweet may help Blue Beetle’s box office record.
  4. #4. How will Blue Beetle handle Superman’s references?

Blue Beetle Will Pay Tribute To Zach Snyder’s Man Of Steel, And Here’s How

Blue Beetle is making its box office debut worldwide today, and the initial reviews are positive, to say the least. Most of the audience loves Xolo Maridueña’s stellar performance as Jaime Reyes, and his dynamic with the Scarab (Becky G) was great. The Latino’s presentation in the movie is also highly appreciated by both fans and critics, as it seamlessly introduces the first-ever Hispanic superhero on the big screen.

While being one of the last installments of the DCEU among Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Blue Beetle is also the first superhero in the rebooted DC Universe. Therefore, many refer to the upcoming movie as the direct link that connects the old and new DC. Angel Soto, the film’s director, seems to have the same idea in mind.

According to Soto, there will be multiple Man of Steel references in Blue Beetle as a tribute to the first-ever DCEU film which was released 10 years ago. Let’s learn more about these references in the article, and why Soto decides to put them in the movie.


#1. Man of Steel is the foundation of the whole DCEU.

Man of Steel, which was released exactly 10 years ago, is the first movie that kickstarted the entire DCEU franchise. The film introduces to us the most iconic superheroes in DC Comics, Superman, and Henry Cavill has done a brilliant job portraying the Big Blue Boy Scout on the big screen. 

The movie was a solid foundation to build the DCEU, with big titles such as Superman vs Batman: Dawn of Justice, or Zach Snyder’s Justice League.


Blue Beetle director Ángel Manuel Soto clearly knows the role that Man of Steel has over the DCEU as a whole, and he showed his appreciation for Zach Snyder’s movie in an interview with The Direct. The director also claimed that the upcoming Blue Beetle will feature some nice Man of Steel references as a tribute to the 2013 title.


#2. The Man of Steel references are to pay homage to Zach Snyder.

Source: Twitter

In the interview, Soto stated that he really appreciated Snyder’s 16 million-viewed tweet on Twitter, in which he encouraged DC fans to watch Blue Beetle in theaters. The experienced director tweeted: “Looking forward to taking my kids to see Blue Beetle”, with the hashtag “Representation Matters”, showing his support for the movie’s Latino representation.


“Waking up in Mexico to the news that [Zack] Snyder wants to see it too, a director that I respect so much, that his films are an immense influence… Even in 'Blue Beetle,' there are some references to 'Man of Steel' that we made out of honor and respect for the work and art of Zack Snyder,” Soto exclaimed.

“Also, seeing David Ayer sharing it… It’s like, ‘WOW, brother!’ How nice it feels to have that support from people that one respects and that the fans also respect,” the director also spoke about how David Ayer, Suicide Squad’s filmmaker, also shared Snyder’s tweet, and showed his appreciation for the support.


#3. Zach Snyder’s tweet may help Blue Beetle’s box office record.

With the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike in Hollywood, it’s hard for actors and producers to promote their own works in the media, and Blue Beetle’s marketing campaign has been awfully quiet from the start. Therefore, to have both renowned colleagues such as Snyder and Ayer promote the upcoming movie, Soto’s reaction is quite understandable.


#4. How will Blue Beetle handle Superman’s references?

According to Soto, Blue Beetle will feature not one, but multiple references to Henry Cavill’s Superman, as a tribute to Man of Steel’s influence on the movie, and to the DCEU as a whole. Of course, the director didn’t disclose any more details about the references, as we’ll have to find them ourselves at the box office.

However, with Blue Beetle being a standalone title and the fact that Cavill no longer has a future in the DCU, it’s very unlikely that the actor will reprise the role as the Man of Steel again in the currently released movie, like how he made the cameo in Black Adam’s post-credit scene.


The references might just be some unimportant tidbits scattering here and there in Blue Beetle, or they may appear in the movie’s post-credit sequences. However, with Blue Beetle being the DCU’s first superhero, it’s better for the movie to spend the two post-credit scenes to give us a glimpse of the new DC Universe instead of reminiscing the remnants of the old crumbling franchise. 

Blue Beetle is currently premiered in theaters worldwide. Can you find any Man of Steel references in the movie? Let us know in the comment.

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