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  1. #1. About Blue Beetle’s ending.
  2. #2. The mid-credits scene features a pleasant twist.
  3. #3. What does Ted Kord’s survival mean to the movie?
  4. #4. About Blue Beetle’s second post-credits scene.

Blue Beetle: All Two Post-Credits Scene Revealed

One of the latest installments in the DCEU and introducing the first-ever DCU superhero, Blue Beetle is a fine standalone title that set up a stellar path for Jaime Reyes and Xolo Maridueña’s future in James Gunn’s rebooted universe. 

While it’s still a bit early to say about the box office gross, the movie’s fun family dynamics, Latino representation and action-packed sequences are enough to entertain any DC fans in theaters.

The movie’s ending is a great finale to the title, which doesn’t pack much twist and turn. However, the two post-credit scenes are what got the audience intrigued, as one of them features a big twist that hints at a potential sequel for Blue Beetle, should the first movie do well at the box office.

Let’s dive right in to see and analyze what Angel Manuel Soto and his crew have in store for Blue Beetle’s post-credits, and what they could offer for the new DC Universe.


#1. About Blue Beetle’s ending.

Blue Beetle ends with a literal bang, as Carapax (Raoul Trujillo), now regains his memory, decides to blow himself up along with Victoria Kord (Susan Sarandon) and the rest of the OMAC core. Jaime (Xolo Maridueña) escapes on the Bugship with his family and Jenny (Bruna Marquezine) and returns to Edge Keys to mourn his late father.

Later, Jenny arrives to announce that Kord Industries, now with her in charge, will return the properties to the people in Edge Keys, and help the Reyes rebuild their home. She and Jaime also share a romantic moment at the end of the film, hinting that they’ve officially become a couple.


#2. The mid-credits scene features a pleasant twist.

Source: Comic Book

While the movie’s finale isn’t very unpredictable, the mid-credits sequence, however, brings in a nice surprise that will leave DC fans wanting more. In the empty Beetle Nest in the Kord Estate, a mysterious distorted voice emerges from the computer, which reveals to be Ted Kord’s, Jenny’s father and the previous owner of the Kord Industry. 

The voice thanks anyone who turned on the computer earlier and then asks them to tell his daughter that “Ted Kord is alive.” This subtle twist could mean big for Blue Beetle, as it hints at a possible sequel, with both versions of the Blue Beetle appearing in the same movie.


#3. What does Ted Kord’s survival mean to the movie?

Source: DC Comics

In DC comics, there are three persons who take on the Blue Beetle mantle: Dan Garrett, Ted Kord, and Jaime Reyes. The Blue Beetle movie stays faithful to this storyline, and only makes some minor tweaks. Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle, didn’t get personally chosen by the Scarab/Khaji-Da, so he becomes a Batman-like type of hero, using technology and martial arts to make up for his lack of abilities.

According to both Jenny and Victoria, Ted mysteriously disappeared and was deemed dead after. His surprising survival at the end means that he will definitely return in Blue Beetle 2, should a sequel be made. 


This could lead to some interesting sequence in the next title, as Ted isn’t aware there’s a new Blue Beetle in town, who’s chosen by the Scarab. And, with the technology and experience he has, Ted can be a mentor-like figure for Jaime, who has the potential but is still inexperienced. 

The sequel could feature a unique mentor-apprentice relationship between the two, which never happens in the comics since Ted is truly dead when Jaime gets the power of the Scarab.


Another theory sees that Ted Kord, while alive, is probably stuck somewhere and can’t return on his own. With both Jenny and Jaime returning to the estate to look at her mother’s painting, the two can pick up the signal of distress, and go on a quest to save Ted, while also unveiling the mystery behind his disappearance 15 years ago.


#4. About Blue Beetle’s second post-credits scene.

Source: Prime Video

While the mid-credits sequence reveals the shocking survival of Ted Kord that can affect the whole franchise, the second scene is rather a brief, fun stop-motion sequence about Uncle Rudy’s favorite animated superhero, El Chapulín Colorado, who always messes up everything he does. Rudy loves the character so much, he even names one of his inventions that jams signals after him.

The last post-credits scene is a fun nod to Jaime Reyes’s Mexican sub-culture, while also introducing the character El Chapulín to the international audiences. And we can’t help but crack a smile when hearing Uncle Rudy’s line at the end: “Oh that's sexy!”.

What do you think of Blue Beetle’s post-credits scene? Do you think Ted Kord will be a crucial character in the sequel? Let us know in the comment.

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