23 Blatantly Fake Brands That Ended Up Getting Roasted Online

Perhaps many of us tend to live a thrifty lifestyle where we look to save money any way we can. However, that doesn't mean we should buy something from knock-off brands at half of the price to save money. Under no circumstances should we support or tolerate acts of brand name thieves because it is against the law. That is why today we are bringing to you examples of blatantly fake brands people spotted in small markets all across the world.
In the gallery below, you can see 23 ridiculous and blatant ripped-off brands that got shamed online. There are still more out there that haven't been reported yet. Perhaps the best we could do is to check products carefully before buying and say no to fake brands.

#1. Everyone needs aids!

Source: ninkeyminjaj

#2. A new burger restaurant in Seoul

Source: tonelessnox531

#3. Monsoon Dew to beat the heat

Source: nprajb

#4. Mr. Bean vs Spider-Man

Source: Beautiful_Fishing569

#5. I’ll have a glass of Fancy please

Source: SirLancelhot

#6. Fruit C+

Source: FacelessFox2763

#7. My stone age friend

Source: euph0rically

#8. Mr. Oral

Source: lucidshred

#9. A mate snuck them in from China and they are unsmokable...

Source: PiecesOfRing

#10. No name? No problem.

Source: stonkape69

#11. Hmm okay?

Source: Father_Spiner

#12. One lonch man

Source: Kooky-Question5215

#13. Forget “IT” we got “THAT”

Source: reddit

#14. Medium Spider

Source: UrameshiYuusuke

#15. Flirt

Source: According-Jelly355

#16. Tasty and stylish

Source: flatanalogy794

#17. Crappy McDonald’s offbrand

Source: Illustrious-Prior891

#18. Boos: Hogo Boos

Source: igethejoke

#19. This Russian fake Starbucks

Source: teruteru-fan-sam

#20. When Five Guys are too many

Source: GGGargadon

#21. Tek tocs

Source: emeraldbutonreddit

#22. Super huggy bros

Source: Technical-Ad1569

#23. It was a part-time job

Source: Technical-Ad1569

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