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  1. Dyed their hair with unsafe chemicals
  2. Shaved their eyebrows off
  3. Got rid of extra pounds with the help of colon cleansing
  4. Tried to make their chin more defined
  5. Constantly wore tight underwear and bras with molded cups
  6. Used shampoo with hops and barley malt
  7. Separated their lashes from each other with a pin
  8. Removed freckles with electricity
  9. Used food as beauty products
  10. Were exhausting themselves with rigid diets
  11. Shaved their face
  12. Applied vaseline

12 Bizarre Beauty Tricks From Old Hollywood Stars That Will Make You Say WTF

Decades after the deaths of old Hollywood stars, it’s undeniable that we’re still much obsessed with their glamour, particularly when it comes to their appearance. 

Back in the past, makeup was limited to a few products and there were just a few makeup artists working in Hollywood’s finest. So, how did old stars appear to look good?

Some of the greatest starlets had plenty of tricks up their sleeves to maintain their iconic looks. From Elizabeth Taylor’s smooth skin to Marilyn Monroe’s eye-opening eyeliner, we’re diving deep into some beauty secrets. Despite the advance in beauty techniques, we can stand to learn a lot from the sirens of yesteryear.


#1. Dyed their hair with unsafe chemicals

Source: CAP / East News

To lighten her hair, Jean Harlow chose a vicious mix of hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and washing powder.


#2. Shaved their eyebrows off

Source: CAP / East News

Arched eyebrows with exaggerated height were in style during the 1930s. Actresses removed their hair and used a pencil to draw the desired eyebrow. 

To make her eyes appear more open, Marlene Dietrich shaved her eyebrows totally. She tried to place an arched line above her eyebrows.  

However, in certain cases, the eyebrow never came back. For example, Lucille Bal lost her eyebrows forever when asked to shave them for the role in Roman Scandals. 


#3. Got rid of extra pounds with the help of colon cleansing

Celebrities such as Mae West, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Paris Hilton believed that colonic irrigation could remove toxic substances from their body, helping them keep a slim figure and glowing skin. 

However, if you intend to apply this method, ask for consulting a doctor. It’s because there is no scientific evidence that this procedure has any real effect. 


#4. Tried to make their chin more defined

Actresses often paid special attention to the chin. While Joan Crawford constantly chewed gum to strengthen her lower jaw, Marilyn Monroe underwent plastic surgery to insert bovine cartilage into her chin. 


#5. Constantly wore tight underwear and bras with molded cups

Actresses wore special underwear to make their body curvy. They opted for bras with pointy pads, high-waisted panties with an elastic band around the waist, and corsets that narrowed the waist and hips and lifted the breasts. Even Marilyn Monroe always slept in a bra to keep her breasts firm.


#6. Used shampoo with hops and barley malt

This method was applied too much by Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn despite the strong smell it left on their hair. They used shampoo with hops and barley malt to make their hair look thicker, fuller, and healthier.


#7. Separated their lashes from each other with a pin

Audrey Hepburn applied a dangerous method to achieve her doe eyes: used mascara and then separated her lashes with a pin to avoid clumps. 


#8. Removed freckles with electricity

Actresses desired to have clean and glowing skin which was considered the ideal of beauty. So, many got rid of freckles. They used a special appliance to do that - a high-frequency violet ray powered with an electric current.


#9. Used food as beauty products

Source: East News

Old stars used some products such as hair, face and body makes made of food. For example, Rota Hayworth dabbed her hair with olive oil, then wrapped it in a towel for 15 minutes, and used lemon juice to wash it. Joan Crawford preferred using raw eggs to wash her hair. Joan Blondell used a face mask made of cottage cheese. 


#10. Were exhausting themselves with rigid diets

Old Hollywood stars had to follow strict diets to shed a few pounds in a couple of days. 

Susan Hayward only ate two eggs and three tomatoes daily while Jean Harlow refused almost all food and just consumed vegetables and salads. 


#11. Shaved their face

To achieve a flawless complexion, many divas unhesitatingly got rid of their facial hair, even the tiniest one. Elizabeth Taylor regularly resorted to shaving.


#12. Applied vaseline

Petroleum jelly was a popular makeup and skincare product among old Hollywood celebrities. For protection against puffiness and dark circles, actress Bette Davis, for instance, used a layer of it under her eyes at night. Marilyn Monroe applied petroleum jelly on her eyelids before leaving the house. Greta Garbo rubbed it on her eyelids before adding eyeshadow. 


Which hack shocked you the most? Do you know any methods else? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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