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  1. #1. A surprise was made in plan
  2. #2. It was a great combination
  3. #3. To be fair, even White couldn’t believe his ears, tweeting hours afterwards

Billie Eilish Brings Out Armani White For Viral Hit Performance At Osheaga Festival

Billie Eilish takes the stage at Osheaga Festival with an electrifying performance that's creating waves worldwide. But that's not all – Eilish's collaboration with Armani White for this viral hit performance adds an extra layer of excitement.

The dynamic fusion of Eilish's unique style and Armani White's flair promises an unforgettable show that's leaving fans and the internet buzzing. Don't miss out on the magic of this unforgettable musical moment!


#1. A surprise was made in plan

On Saturday, Billie Eilish and Armani White performed separate sets at Montreal's Osheaga Festival. The performers decided to get together and surprise their fans. According to Rolling Stone, this was their first in-person meeting.

Eilish addressed her fans during the show. “You know that song that’s like, ‘Glock tucked, big T-shirt, Billie Eilish?’ You know that song?” she asked as fans cheered in support.


#2. It was a great combination

Armani White came in as the instrumental of "Billie Eilish" started playing. The rapper stepped onto the stage and sang the viral song with fans. Following that great moment, Eilish jumped around the stage and mixed her voice in supporting the rapper. After finishing the song, the two artists shared a hug that was simply emotional.

#3. To be fair, even White couldn’t believe his ears, tweeting hours afterwards

After the performance, White took to social media to express his delight. “I have never heard that many people scream in my f**king life, hahaha. Billie Eilish has an army,” he said on X.

While Eilish had previously alluded to Armani's song, Saturday marked the first time she was in the same place as the rapper when he performed the track — which samples N.O.R.E.'s 2002 Neptunes-produced hit "Nothin'" — that exploded after a 16-second clip was uploaded to Instagram and TikTok in February 2022.

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