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Betty White's Home Is Demolished Only One Year After Her Death, Sparks Rages Among Fans

Just a few months short of turning 100, Betty White passed away in December 2022, and her devoted followers lamented her loss. The Los Angeles mansion of the American icon has already been destroyed, a little over a year after it was sold in the summer. White's assistant Kiersten Mikelas posted a photo to the actress' Instagram account that only showed the house's fireplace standing, with the rest of the structure in ruins all around it. Many of White's supporters criticized the decision to allow the property to be demolished as a result, even though it had previously been planned before White passed away. The message said:

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"Hello all! I owe a post (or two) I know. This is such a busy time of year and coming up on the anniversary of Betty's passing is hitting in ways I hadn't anticipated. Her Brentwood home is no more (save the fireplaces which will be gone in short order). I promise a wonderful tribute to our most wonderful lady very soon!!!!"
Fans of White and her husband Allen Ludden, who starred in The Golden Girls, leapt on the post in outrage that their 1960s-era home had been demolished “Unless this is being rebuilt into an animal rescue of some sort in honor of our Queen White ... WE DONT WANT IT! This is such a sad and disheartening thing to post in her "honor",” “Why in the world would they tear it down?” A third said, “They tore it down?!!! I just can’t.”

Betty Chose To Do That With Her House

Betty White knew exactly what would happen to the home once she passed away, despite some followers being unhappy with the house's demolition. The property was sold as a "tear down" transaction in June 2022. White made sure that the proceeds from the sale of the land would be donated to the causes that were dear to her, many of which were animal welfare organizations. As a result, the transaction generated over $11 million in sales.
Other funds from White's estate were also given to deserving charities. In September, the star's personal items were auctioned off, and the proceeds from the sales of her houses in Los Angeles and Carmel were generously donated to organizations. Additionally in September, White's estate sent a sizable number of her television-related memorabilia, including clothes, screenplays with annotations, and several of her Emmy Awards, to the National Comedy Centre in her honor.
Betty White was set to commemorate her 100th birthday with a variety of special shows and a theatrical performance before she passed away. Despite the fact that the celebrity passed away prior to the magical milestone, all of the tributes took place as scheduled and allowed admirers to honor her life and work. Many positive things have come from the selling of the land, and that is something she plainly preferred above the preservation of her house, even if some of her followers would have loved to see her Los Angeles home remain standing in her honor.
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