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  1. Betty Gore Crime Scene Photos Revealed
  2. Betty Gore Was Axed 41 Times By Her Best Friend, Candy Montgomery
  3. Crime Scene Also Revealed A Disturbing Fact

Betty Gore Crime Scene Photos: Horrifying Details Nobody Told You Before

Betty Gore’s crime scene photos are some of the most sought-after on the Internet, especially after the release of HBO Max's Love And Death. The grisly photos depict the aftermath of an axe murder. Yes, you heard that right! A real-life, nonfictional axe murder! 

In a tragic 1980 incident, Candy Montgomery took the life of her friend and neighbor, Betty Gore, in Wylie, Texas. A tumultuous affair with Betty's husband led to a deadly confrontation where Candy claimed self-defense after Betty struck her with an ax. The community mourned the loss of a mother of two.

Below, you'll find some images from the crime scene. Trust me, don't try to find the rest of the gallery if you don't want to have a sleepless night.

Betty Gore Crime Scene Photos Revealed

Betty Gore Crime Scene Photos Source: Google Images
The Betty Gore crime scene photo collection is composed of nine photographs taken by Detective Juan Rivera of the Miami-Dade Police Department at the crime scene where Betty Gore was murdered.
The photographs exclusively depict the scene of Betty Gore's body, with no other items or evidence captured in the images. So far, only a few of them have been leaked to the Internet; the rest might have been buried deep within the Police Department's archive.
As told by her neighbors, they thought she was shot in the head upon discovering her body, just because of how severe the wounds were. This is why, despite the macabre and disturbing nature of Betty Gore’s crime scene photos, people still want to peek at the bloody scene one more time.
Many have wondered why the police didn't document additional aspects of the crime scene or why they only released this single picture. Several theories attempt to shed light on this.
Perhaps the investigator lacked additional copies of the photo, or there may have been concerns that taking more images could somehow compromise the integrity of the evidence. Both scenarios are plausible explanations.

Betty Gore Was Axed 41 Times By Her Best Friend, Candy Montgomery

Betty Gore Axed 41 Times - betty gore crime scene Source: Google Images
According to UPI, Candy Montgomery was about to leave the room, trying to escape her altercation with Betty Gore, in which Betty was threatening her with the murder weapon.
The two allegedly battled for the ax that Gore used to initially threaten Montgomery. Betty Gore did not allow her to escape even after she struck Candy in the head, which caused heavy bleeding.
Her testimony aligned with a polygraph test she underwent before the trial, which indicated that her words were truthful. However, that didn’t take away from the grisliness of Betty Gore’s crime scene.
According to District Attorney Tom O'Connell, who was in charge of the case, Montgomery striking Gore with an ax 41 times, out of which 28 were on her head, was “disproportioned” to self-defense.

Crime Scene Also Revealed A Disturbing Fact

Candy Montgomery Cleaned Up - betty gore crime scene Source: Google Images
As per reports, Candy Montgomery rinsed the blood off herself at the victim's house before leaving to continue with her everyday affairs. She testified while on the stand during her trial that she had a shower at the Gore residence before leaving while Betty's infant was still upstairs, crying in the crib.
She allegedly tried to clean up the crime scene as well but gave up after seeing how much blood there was. Well, I guess she is not a dedicated cleaner, after all.
After changing into fresh clothes at home, she headed to the church to attend Bible school with her kids and Gores' elder daughter before having lunch with friends. Montgomery also discarded the remains of the footwear she was wearing when she murdered Gore.
Despite being close friends, the altercation between Betty Gore and Candy Montgomery was fatal, stemming from the extramarital affair between Montgomery and Gore’s husband. While Montgomery claimed self-defense and was acquitted, we will never know what really happened between them.
The case remains a chilling reminder of the complexities within criminal investigations, and how, sometimes, people can get away with such horrible acts. Decades have passed since her tragic murder, but the story behind continues to intrigue and baffle those who delve into this disturbing piece of true crime history.
One thing we all can agree on is that the brutality of Betty Gore crime scene photos is truly of another level and will send shivers down anyone's spine. 
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