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  1. 2. Artificial Christmas Trees:

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Time To Buy A Christmas Tree!

As the festive season approaches, the excitement of finding that perfect Christmas tree resonates worldwide. Beyond its role as a mere decoration, the Christmas tree symbolizes the true spirit of the season, making it an essential addition to every home when December arrives.
Have you ever wondered about the optimal moment to bring one home? Now, all the secrets behind Christmas trees and the best time to make your 'holiday centerpiece' dreams come true are right here!
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Tis the season for Christmas tree shopping, and the decision of when to buy can impact your budget and the tree's freshness. Whether opting for a real or artificial tree, consider factors like your budget and desired longevity to make the most of your holiday decor investment.

1. Real Christmas Trees:

For the freshest Christmas tree, experts recommend shopping right after Thanksgiving, as last year's high demand and this year's weather conditions may impact availability. Avoid purchasing pre-Thanksgiving to ensure tree longevity, and be mindful of waiting too close to the holiday for a broader selection.

Measure your space and consider decoration weight when choosing a tree. Consult with salespeople for advice on climate suitability and inquire about freshness and delivery. Ensure freshness by checking for pliable branches and needles.

Keep the tree fresh by providing ample water within six to eight hours of cutting, using an appropriate tree stand, and following care tips such as avoiding direct sunlight and using smaller lights.

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This is the diverse world of Christmas trees, each with its unique charm:

  • Balsam Fir:

Characteristics: Flat needles, balsam smell, sturdy branches, good needle retention, soft foliage, dark green.

  • Canaan Fir:

Characteristics: Long needles, resembles Fraser Firs, considered a variation of the Balsam.

  • Concolor Fir:

Characteristics: Balsam variation, longer needles, color variations, similar to Canaan.

  • Douglas Fir:

Characteristics: Blue-green foliage, long needles, sturdy branches, great needle retention.

  • Fraser Fir:

Characteristics: Soft and shorter needles, emerald green, silver-y undersides, 'bottle brush' texture, sturdy branches, good needle retention.

  • Scotch Pine:

Characteristics: Sharp foliage, blue-green color, long needles (two to three inches), conical shape, great needle retention.

  • White Pine:

Characteristics: Soft and lacy foliage, blue-green color, long needles (three to four inches), good retention, pleasing fragrance.

  • Colorado Blue Spruce:

Characteristics: Stout, three-sided needles, shorter, color varies from dark green to indigo, sturdy branches, good retention.

  • Norway Spruce:

Characteristics: Dark green foliage, short needles, good needle retention but can be finicky, regarded as a beautiful ornamental tree.

  • White Spruce:

Characteristics: Blue-green foliage, short needles, beautiful shape and color, can be finicky.


2. Artificial Christmas Trees:

Artificial Christmas Trees Source: Google Images

For the ideal artificial Christmas tree selection, start shopping as soon as the decorations hit the shelves. This year, with a heightened focus on beating inflation, many consumers are buying holiday decor well before the traditional November-December shopping season.

According to a 2023 survey, 74% of respondents planning to display a tree had begun their holiday decor shopping before September. Get a head start to ensure you secure the perfect artificial tree. Don't miss Black Friday; it's also the best time to get an artificial Christmas tree at an affordable cost.

Amy Lockwood, the Ideal Home team's Decor Editor, suggests:

If you're looking to save money, the obvious time to buy an artificial Christmas tree for less is after Christmas is over.
Yep, and the same advice goes for buying the rest of your Christmas decorations:

In January, when we've all had our festive fill and the decorations are starting to come down, retailers are likely to slash prices on any remaining Christmas stock – including artificial Christmas trees – to clear the decks ready for spring and summer stock.

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