Being So Fed Up With Neighbor Snooping Around, Woman Swings Open The Door To Scare Her Off, Causing Her To Fall

Undeniably, having a troublesome neighbor would be one of the last things you want around your home. While most people manage to endure the irritating noise from other people when they live in an apartment, it's hard to turn a blind eye to those who often appear in front of your house without any particular purpose. If you are bothered by people like that, a big dog could be a big help, as in the story below.


A Redditor called reallifecountrysong has taken her situation to the populous subreddit AmItheAsshole to consult online people after she accidentally caused her neighbor to fall. The poster was a 37-year-old woman living alone on the third floor of an apartment building for 5 years. The area around was notorious for a high crime rate and the block didn't have a secured gate, so the woman kept a big dog as a security measure.

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Though her dog wasn't aggressive, she trained it to bark at the door to inform her of visitors and scare uncanny people away. The dog did a stellar job when it made people lurking on the landing go away.

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A middle-aged woman living on the first floor climbed up to the poster's house from time to time to give the writer packages and mail. Though the Reddit user appreciated that, she was concerned about the neighbor's strange behaviors. Sometimes, the older woman lurked around the floor without delivering anything to the poster.
The neighbor asked the Redditor several times about her dog. She believed that the writer owned two dogs since the pup seemed so amicable outside the apartment. Though the poster explained this to her several times, she appeared to doubt it.

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One day, the Reddit user received an email from her property manager saying that she should inform them if she had two dogs at her place. She was perplexed and didn't know who reported such information to them.
A week later, she caught the neighbor from the first floor snooping around her home again. Through the peephole, she saw the woman bending down toward the door, so she decided to swing the door to scare her. Her big dog stayed by her side and barked loudly, which startled the neighbor and made her fall.

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The poster then noticed that her neighbor might be injured, so she gave her a helping hand but got refused. The other woman just left angrily and said that the poster shouldn't have moved into the building. The Redditor's sister then criticized her for frightening the woman, so she went to Reddit to ask if she was in the wrong.

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In response to the post, most online people rallied behind the Reddit user. They believed the neighbor was wrong when snooping around others' houses. She might plan to invade the poster's home for some reason, which explained why she was worried about the dogs. Some netizens suggested the user install a camera and report this to the manager to prevent potential threats in the future.

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