Being Left Speechless With Photos From The Deepest Part Of The Internet's Dumpster

As long as we are surrounded by other people, we will gradually learn what it means to be a good citizen. It is the very purpose of being a member of a society. We decide what is good and positive together, and then we tell everyone else to act in that way. Together, we create a more compassionate and respectful society. The perfect world, however, only exists in our theory. In fact, there is a lot of work left to be done by humans.
First things first, not everyone understands what being decent entails. And here, courtesy to the subreddit r/Trashy, we can show you some of the best instances of how vile a person can be. Here is a gallery of the most offensive, repulsive, and improper images available online. Let's look at these people, and always keep in mind: never act like them.

#1 So that's the neighbor's poop leaking into the downstairs apartment

#2 It's not anything funny to do this

#3 Well, Facebook users are wild

#4 Someone is thirsty AF

#5 Once is already too much, how on earth?!

#6 This wedding photo gives me a strange vibe

#7 When you gotta go, you gotta go

#8 The person who originally did this probably thought they were so clever

#9 No word for this

#10 It's gross even if this is your personal mug. For god's sake, wash it!

#11 Lovely jewelry

#12 Straight up pull out a bong in a bar

#13 Bus seat? Perfect for playing tic tac toe

#14 Broadcast this all over the neighborhood, not sure if you're going to die of embarassment first

#15 Have fun enjoying the break-up

#16 Hello Kitty went horribly wrong

#17 That's just gross!

#18 Make yourself at home, like always

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