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Who Is Begona Vargas (Cameron) From Netflix' Berlin? An Actress of Multifaceted Talents

Stepping into the spotlight with grace and versatility, Begoña Vargas emerges as an actress whose journey transcends the boundaries of the Entertainment world. From her early days as a model to becoming the face of iconic fashion brand Springfield, Begoña's career has been a tapestry of diverse talents.
However, the spotlight intensifies as she takes on the highly anticipated role in 'Berlin,' the spin-off of the global phenomenon 'La Casa de Papel' ('Money Heist').

Begona Vargas As Cameron In Berlin

Begona Vargas As Cameron In Berlin Source: Netflix
Begoña Vargas takes on the role of the adventurous and unpredictable Cameron in the spin-off series 'Berlin.' According to Vargas, Cameron becomes part of the team driven by a quest for excitement and enjoyment (as stated by Netflix). Prior to her involvement with the 'Berlin' cast, Cameron had established herself as a rising star, showcasing her talent in leading roles such as Roberta in 'A Different View,' Verónica de García in the historical drama 'High Seas,' and Tere in the 2021 film 'The Laws of The Border.' Much like her fellow 'Money Heist' cast members, she has also made appearances in various other Netflix productions, including the series 'Welcome To Eden.'
According to her interview with El Pais, this is what she wants to say about Cameron:
"At first she is not a professional thief. She is a girl who learns quickly, is capable, very mentally strong, and has the opportunity to start from scratch with a new life. With her, I have delved more into the sentimental issue because she has a big wound, she is carrying a heavy backpack of things that will be revealed in the series. The complicated thing with Cameron is generating all those layers to get to her. It has been a beautiful trip".

About Begona Vargas

About Begona Vargas Source: GETTY IMAGES
Begoña Vargas, born on February 6, 1999, in Madrid, Spain, is a Spanish actress who has made a mark in the entertainment industry with her multifaceted career. Beginning as a model, she transitioned into acting, gaining recognition for her work in both film and television. Notably, she played a role in the film "The Laws of the Border" (2018) and starred in the Spanish series "Welcome to Eden" (2019), a science fiction thriller.
Beyond her acting endeavors, Begoña Vargas has become a prominent figure in the fashion industry. From her early teenage years, she had a connection with the iconic fashion brand Springfield, eventually becoming a model for one of their campaigns at the age of 17.
Later in her career, she solidified her association with Springfield by becoming an ambassador for the brand. In the interview, she reflects on Springfield as a brand that holds nostalgic significance, marking her journey from a teenage shopper to a recognized face in its campaigns.
In addition to her achievements in acting and fashion, Begoña Vargas reveals a diverse range of interests. She has ventured into the world of music, expressing a desire to become a singer-songwriter. While still in the learning process, she emphasizes the importance of exploring various artistic pursuits and avoiding self-limitation.
Begoña Vargas's career philosophy reflects a holistic approach to her artistic endeavors. While acting remains her passion, she expresses a desire to avoid limiting herself to a single role. Her career journey encompasses not only acting and modeling but also extends into the realms of fashion, music, and other artistic expressions.
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