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Beacon 23 Episode 7 Preview: “End Transmission”

As the mysterious story of "Beacon 23" played out, each show unveils more of its space puzzle. Show 6, titled “The Beacon,” was a trip down memory lane, setting a big scene for Show 7.
Next up, “End Transmission,” is set to totally hook us with more of its space riddle. It's more than just a space lighthouse now; it's about the secrets it holds and the souls it's touched across time.

What Happened in the Previous Episode?

What Happened in the Previous Episode? Source: MGM+/ Amazon Prime Video
Mixing up past and present, Show 6 brought forth shocking truths. We met Dr. Avalon, the first keeper of Beacon 23, whose discovery of weird comet-like stuff introduced us to an unknown universe.
These relics, AI can't see it but humans can spot them, hint at an amazing thing. We delved into the origins of Aster Calyx, born Parsim, whose life was tightly linked with the beacon's history.
As her parent's tale, Grisha and Farut, played out, we saw the beacon as more than a structure; it was a mix of stuff and alien secrets. The show concluded with a super tense setup, leaving viewers really excited, pondering the real deal of the beacon and its space treasures.

Beacon 23 Episode 7 Preview

Beacon 23 Episode 7 Preview Source: MGM+/ Amazon Prime Video
Episode 7 will probably drop some huge secrets. The story, full of legends of the beacon and its alien communication gadgets, suggests we're on the cusp of understanding their true purpose. Aster Calyx, now aware of her strong connection to the beacon, may find secret sides of her identity and destiny. The show could dig into whether these relics are like alien chat devices, perhaps offering a bridge between humans and an unknown cosmic entity.
Bart, the AI system with a mysterious past, could be a key player, holding keys to unsolved mysteries. His interactions with the beacon's inhabitants have always been mixed with an air of secrecy, suggesting he knows more than he lets on. The upcoming show might show his real part and the depth of his knowledge about the relics and their impact on the human mind.
The theme of humans growing vs thinking deep, highlighted in the previous show, could reach its peak moment. We might see Aster and her allies dealing with moral questions of their discoveries, questioning the course of human society in the galaxy.

What to expect in "End Transmission"?

  • Aster’s Choice: Will Aster go all-in with her fate connected to those relics? Her trip might mirror Dr. Avalon's, but with a twist – perhaps she will learn from the past and navigate a different path.
  • Bart's Revelation: Is Bart an impartial AI, or does he harbor a deeper agenda? The show could reveal his real deal and intentions, significantly impacting the beacon's future.
  • The Relics’ Message: Maybe they're not just stuff, but something more; they might be messengers from aliens. Expect a story that probes deeper into the possibility of first contact and its consequences for humanity.
  • The Human Expansion Debate: The big argument over human expansion in space may reach a big change, challenging characters to reconsider their beliefs and the future they want for humanity.
  • Unseen Forces at Play: There might be greater forces at play, perhaps other entities interested in the beacon and its secrets. This could introduce new characters or factions, adding complexity to the narrative.

Release Date & Where to Watch

"Beacon 23" Episode 7, “End Transmission,” will be released on December 17, 2023, at 6:00 PM (PT) on MGM Plus and Amazon Prime Video.
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