Badly Designed Bathrooms You May Never Wish To Put Your Butts Onto

All you need for a bathroom are a basin, a toilet, and a shower or bathtub, so designing one shouldn't be too challenging. How difficult can it be? It turns out that it's not as simple as you might have thought because some designers continue to make egregious mistakes and produce bathroom designs that are so awful that they're amusing.
We can only speculate as to the designer's thoughts while creating a bathtub in the form of a stiletto. or if they choose to install carpet in the bathrooms. Well, it was done, and now we can joke about it. See the gallery below for the most absurd bathroom designs that people have found!

#1. Sink attached to the toilet, forming a perfect slide

Source: batataqw89

#2. Too Many Taps, Only One Works

Source: MrGrieves123

#3. No More Toilet Paper Shortage

Source: but.who.approved.this

#4. A Toilet Not For Even Super Skinny People

Source: prongs995

#5. Doing Business and Fishing At The Same Time

Source: pleasehatethesethings

#6. View Matters A Lot

Source: pleasehatethesethings

#7. Bathroom From The 80s

Source: pleasehatethesethings

#8. That's How You Invest Money In Your Bathroom Renovations

Source: pleasehatethesethings

#9. That's One Way To Live Life

Source: pleasehatethesethings

#10. A Bizarre and Somewhat Cute Bathroom Window

Source: Observatus

#11. Bathroom Mirror That Makes You Think You're Drunk

Source: lavitaetroppobreve

#12. Tulip Lover's Bathroom


#13. Well, all the world's a stage I guess. IDK how safe this is but it does seem more throne like.

Source: Twitter

#14. Mmm. Carpet with festering mold from getting out of the tub and bacteria from toilet spray. There's a winner.

Source: Herald Weekly

#15. There is nothing good about this. NOTHING

Source: Propspropsprops

#16. Is it a bathroom or a lemonade stand?

Source: Pinterest

#17. What is it with carpet in a bathroom?

Source: House Beautiful

#18. Somebody is overdo for a redo

Source: INTERIORStyle by Kiki

#19. Can you imagine walking into this after a night of drinking?

Source: Kariera Info

#20. I couldn't find where to pee or shit

Source: Something Awful

#21. Watch your step

Source: Pixersize

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