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Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 Episode 10 Preview: What To Expect in Season Finale?

The previous “Bachelor in Paradise” episode sets the stage for a finale full of big feelings and pivotal decisions. This season has had many ups and downs; episode 9 didn't keep mixing things up. 
You can feel the tension as we gear up for the final episode. Will love triumph, or will paradise be just an illusion for some

What Happened in the Previous Episode?

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 Episode 10 Preview: What To Expect in Season Finale? Source: Next Entertainment/ ABC
Episode 9 was a turning point for several relationships. Blake and Jess's journey hit a crossroads, leading to an amicable yet poignant parting, with Blake deciding to leave Paradise. 
This departure affected everyone, making others rethink their connections. Mercedes and Tyler found themselves at a big decision point, too, with Mercedes feeling led on and Tyler exiting Paradise. Amidst lots of emotional drama, chances for new relationships surfaced. 
Jess got the attention of Brayden, Taylor, and Tanner, with Tanner appearing to be the frontrunner. Meanwhile, Mercedes got Jordan's attention after her breakup with Tyler, creating a surprising change as Jordan initially seemed inclined towards Rachel. As the Rose Ceremony unfolded, the women were in charge, leading to unexpected choices, and Rachel decided to leave Paradise, unable to see a future there. 
As the episode concluded, the stage was set for the finale, with unanswered questions about who would find love and who would leave alone.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 Episode 10 Preview

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 Episode 10 Preview Source: Next Entertainment/ ABC
The air is full of anticipation as the couples who have navigated Paradise's many ups and downs stand at a big decision point for their futures. Among the stories set to unfold is the new relationship between Jess and Tanner, which started after past connections and now faces its big test.
The unexpected spark between Mercedes and Jordan, both getting over recent breakups, is another story that could start a romantic story or a tale of transient affection. Then there’s Kylee, whose reaction to Blake's departure hinted at unspoken feelings, raising questions about her current involvement with Aven. 
Established couples like Eliza and Aaron and Olivia and Michael, who have been very stable this season, are now facing a big decision, contemplating whether their bond is strong enough to survive beyond the perfect but short-lived world of Paradise. 
As the final Rose Ceremony looms, expect lots of big confessions, challenging decisions, and the potential heartbreaks typical of Paradise's big moments. But in a season marked by unpredictability, keep an eye out for surprising changes, last-minute revelations, or unexpected departures that could dramatically alter the course of events.
The finale of "Bachelor in Paradise" is not just a conclusion but a big moment, where the romantic journeys undertaken in this unique setting face the real world.

4 Things to Consider In Season Finale

  • Engagement Possibilities: Who among the remaining couples might plunge and get engaged? Could there be more than one proposal, given the intense connections formed?
  • The Impact of Past Relationships: How will the ghosts of past relationships, like Blake’s and Katie’s, influence the decisions in the finale?
  • Paradise Party Dynamics: With a Paradise Party rumoured, how will this social setting influence the final decisions of the contestants? Could it lead to rekindled sparks or final goodbyes?
  • Unexpected Exits: Watch for contestants who might follow Rachel’s footsteps and choose to leave Paradise on their terms.

Release Date & Where to Watch

"Bachelor in Paradise" Season 9 finale will air on December 7, 2023, on ABC. Viewers can catch the episode live or stream it the next day on Hulu.
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