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Baby Bandito Filming Locations: Where Is Baby Bandito Filmed?

The upcoming Netflix's series "Baby Bandito" promises action, crime, and drama. Let's explore Baby Bandito filming locations in South America, offering a unique look into diverse and lively settings.


Baby Bandito Filming Locations

Source: Netflix

The fiction, inspired by “the robbery of the century” that occurred in Chile in 2014, started filming in 2023 and will be released globally on Wednesday, January 31, 2024. The filming locations for "Baby Bandito" are as varied as its story, spanning various places that complement the series' gripping story.

1. Chile, South America

The core of "Baby Bandito" is in Chile, its country of origin. The series shows the spirit of this South American country famous for its vibrant culture and distinct scenery.

Extending along the western coast, Chile's varied landscapes range from deserts to fjords, providing stunning views for the series. The Instagram posts and scenes in the trailer offer glimpses of Chile's stunning views.

2. Santiago, Chile

Santiago, the lively capital of Chile, is a central filming location for "Baby Bandito." This city, known for its lively culture including museums, nightlife, theaters, art, and buildings, forms a significant backdrop for the series.

Situated in a valley with the snowy Andes and Chilean coastal mountains in sight, Santiago's cityscape offers an interesting contrast to the series' thrilling story.

3. Behind The Scenes of Baby Bandito

For fans excited to explore the making of "Baby Bandito," the series brings backstage stories that show the hard work behind its creation. From the busy streets of Santiago to the secret spots of Chile, the crew's dedication to capturing the spirit of each location is evident.


Other Movies And TV Shows Filmed In Chile

Baby Bandito Filming Locations - Chile Source: Netflix

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  • The Summit (2017)
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