22 Awkward Fashion Moments That Can't Be Easily Explained

There's a fine line between fashion and disasters. And we like to believe that our eyes can judge what works… and what does not. That's why sometimes we feel like some fashion designers are just trying to distort the perception of "fashion" or "beauty" of people. And we just can't wait to shame those so-called fashion designs with you.
In the gallery below, we compiled 22 awkward fashion moments that are just weird and hilarious at the same time. Scroll down to check out now! Follow the link here for more!

#1. Lemme see your back

Source: corriere

#2. What are we seeing?

Source: corriere

#3. No, we don't see anything

Source: jeanpaulgaultier

#4. Sleeping bag inspired?

Source: Skyy Noelle

#5. Happiness in a steel glove.. What a face!

Source: Hint Fashion Magazine

#6. A hole in the right place, huh

Source: esquire

#7. Disaster

Source: Judi Curington Baker

#8. The bill

Source: Judi Curington Baker

#9. Literally an adult is in public in a diaper!!!

Source: DigZoo

#10. Should have warned him not to fart in the pants

Source: DigZoo

#11. Handy for shopping

Source: DigZoo

#12. Eyes watching you

Source: DigZoo

#13. What on Earth?

Source: Kárin Cardoso

#14. Belted dress???

Source: Marilyn Lawson

#15. Did her stylist hate her?

Source: Seriana

#16. $450 for this "skirt"

Source: Patti Peters

#17. A goldfish dress

Source: express

#18. It's actually kind of cute but still ridiculous

Source: Guy Zohar

#19. No words for this one

Source: DigZoo

#20. How sweet…a knitted condom!

Source: _rom_chu_

#21. A genius way to include your hot water bottles into your outfit

Source: Matti Jonathan

#22. Wow could this get uglier?

Source: Courtney Rene

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