25 Awkward Bumble Screenshots To Kill Time

Can you name some of the online dating apps you know? Have you ever tried using any of them? If you have, you know how it works, right? Checking profile photos, reading bios, swiping right, swiping left, etc. You two can start the conversation if you and another user swipe right at each other. Today, we would like to talk about Bumble, one of the most popular online dating apps these days. Apparently, there are many people on Bumble who are not so easy to catch, they are full of surprises and ridiculosity.
There's this online community on Reddit known as r/Bumble where everyone shares their screenshots of hilarious profiles or awkward conversations between them and the ones they swiped right. Check out our selection of 25 of the best ones below for some fun!

#1. I have a feeling I know why he’s currently single

Source: br1dgetCecelia

#2. How have you made it this far?

Source: S_pie

#3. She unmatched me after this, don’t feel like I missed out on much

Source: Mental-Border3853

#4. Fastest relationship to date

Source: Dalis_Ktm

#5. Flying those red flags with pride!

Source: brassmonkeyyyy

#6. It’s so nice when they lay out all their red flags in their bio

Source: finnyy04

#7. This is a horrible profile

Source: tangyappeal

#8. This direct approach

Source: Tazzy8jazzy

#9. Just another loser

Source: AlarmPuzzleheaded951

#10. Not the best opener I know but like I gave you something other than just “hey”

Source: Traditional_Moose655

#11. I found one! I swiped.

Source: pacocase

#12. No way! I have two of those kidneys she is looking for

Source: Aceshigh1322

#13. Water? No, thanks!

Source: reddit

#14. Well that escalated quickly

Source: esutiidajo

#15. Bushy conversation

Source: MrsPalombi

#16. Who can relate?

Source: JustAd6284

#17. His superpower would be to “unbrainwash liberals”

Source: adragonandabear

#18. Is this actually a thing? Like why is she on bumble then?

Source: Matty24031

#19. Deep…

Source: generalknoxxx

#20. Bad pick up line, and a complete rejection

Source: GoldenChief03

#21. At least she's honest, yes I swiped right

Source: clance2598

#22. I can’t believe they really sat there and thought this was a good idea to write

Source: itsmzbritt

#23. Why do women always put this in their bio?

Source: itsmzbritt

#24. Too bad I played Super Mario 64 15 years ago

Source: SuccessfulRest1

#25. And just like that...

Source: Soggy_Shape_8449

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