Avatar 2: Big Technical Glitch That You Don't Know. A Character Who Lost Half Of His Body?

It's been 3 months since the "cinematic wonder" Avatar: The Way of Water hit theaters, treating the audience to the eye-catching "party" of visual effects that James Cameron has cherished for more than a decade. However, now after more than 3 months of showing around the world, part 2 of Avatar is said to be revealing technical errors.

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#1. Spider's Lower Body Disappeared.

Spider in Avatar 2Source: 20th Century Studios

Recently, many viewers are spreading a photo of a movie scene, specifically when the character Spider (Jack Champion) is pulling his father - Colonel Quaritch (Stephen Lang) out of the water. Unexpectedly in this scene, Spider had a moment... he lost his lower body, making everyone extremely confused. The photo is being talked about by the Avatar-loving audience, especially when someone has seen the movie many times but has never discovered such a big "hotel". So what is the truth?

#2. Spider's Lower Body Has Been Completely Replaced.

Avatar 2 CharactersSource: 20th Century Studios

Spider's loss of the lower body is completely real, but it is the intention of the Avatar 2 team. According to a recent interview with the effects team, the Spider character did not film the scene underwater. real, but purely graphic product. Actor Jack Champion was standing on a fake rock, without water, next to Quaritch, who was also represented by the same motion capture technology as any other actor.

#3. The Official Scene In Avatar 2 Has No Errors.

Avatar 2 ActorsSource: 20th Century Studios

At this point, the crew had to add water to the scene, but Champion's legs were quite small and still mixed with Quaritch's side. Therefore, the crew ... "cut" the guy's lower body completely, then took advantage of the green screen to completely replace the new lower body for the actor. The purpose of this is to make the character's movements natural, and at the same time to easily design the effect of water flowing under his feet.

Avatar 2 TrailerSource: 20th Century Studios

#4. Avatar 2 Is Currently The 3rd Highest Grossing Movie Worldwide.

Avatar 2 TrailerSource: Digital Spy

Therefore, there is no story that Spider has lost a part of his body on the screen, but it is only the middle stage to create a new body for him with special effects. This, on the contrary, proves the incredible innovation and creativity of the Avatar team, creating one of the biggest and most epic blockbusters in the history of world cinema. is a website that provides you with Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about updated TV & Movies.
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