With hundreds of celebrity articles on our site, Sharon is one of AUBTU.BIZ’s top experts in Entertainment. What surprises her readers the most might be the fact that she is a proud soccer mom of three from Kansas.

Yet, her “superhero's role” doesn’t hinder her writing skills at all! With three curious sons who constantly ask questions and an instinctive love for social media, Sharon is often called “a detective mom” for obvious reasons.


Unlike some other prominent entertainment writers like Michelle or Margot, Sharon didn’t have any prior experience as a proper writer (her words). The 35-year-old blonde was once her family’s book nerd. Growing up on a farm, Sharon's best memories involve lying on her father’s green grass fields with her books open by her side when she fell asleep at sunset.

That’s before she was tasked with helping her first son Michael’s coach to write biographies for each of his soccer team members back in 2019. Long story short, Sharon found out that “Hey, I love this, especially when the first celebs I write about are my amazing boys!”

Sounds like a mom’s dream, doesn’t it?


“What, me? Achievements? Please don’t write that,” with a string of tears-of-joy emojis - that’s what we get when we asked Sharon for an author introduction featuring her. Yet, after a little bit of our (very) persuasive messages, Sharon agrees to share what is considered her greatest achievements in her writing:

According to her, on her 1st anniversary of becoming the boys’ soccer team’s content manager, she was awarded their school’s “Greatest Mom Writer Of The Year.”

Although, according to Sharon, that’s still not as rewarding as her kids’ compliments every time they come across her great articles on their favorite movies!

As a dedicated mom, Sharon is also a proud member of AUBTU.BIZ, and nothing can take that away from her. If you have any questions or requests for articles, please reach out to Sharon at [email protected].

The AUBTU.BIZ Team, alongside author Sharon McFadden!