"Spending time in the office is boring, unless you can spend countless hours surfing social media (okay, even that eventually gets tiring, but you know what I mean)," says Michelle when asked about her motivation for working in the entertainment news field.

Michelle, a young, dynamic, and talkative writer from Brooklyn, takes pride in her unique ability to uncover anything you might be curious about, from that rising TikToker to the latest installment of a zombie-apocalypse movie series. With hard work and dedication, Michelle is also ambitious about her journalism career at Aubtu.


Starting her job as a blog post writer in 2016 when she was only 17, Michelle has seven years of experience under her belt, making her one of the longest-serving writers at AUBTU.BIZ. Before joining us, she also wrote for magazines focusing on fitness, and TV shows.

It's truly surprising, even for this young writer, that one day in the summer of 2021, she would jump on the bandwagon of writing about celebrities and movies. As a thriving writer, Michelle hopes that her articles will reach more and more readers around the world, as their quality speaks loudly of her utmost dedication.


Michelle graduated from Hunter College in 2021 with a degree in communications. Though spending time at college, according to her, was pretty fun with all the basement parties, Michelle is still a writing nerd at heart.

During her time at Hunter College, Michelle played a major role in multiple articles and blog posts reporting on MCU movies and TV series, along with conducting prominent interviews for her personal projects. The Brooklyn-based editor also loves working as a freelance ghostwriter in her free time.

But Michelle's biggest achievement might be her mom's compliments. "Growing up, my mom always told me that she once wanted to become a writer, or, when no publisher realized her talent, a journalist (laughs). Life took its twists and turns, and my family had ups and downs, my mom never fulfilled her dream. Yet, now here I am, writing and crafting exciting articles for you all. It's a pleasure, and every time I write something for AUBTU.BIZ, it's like saying 'Hey, mom!' to her."

Hi, Michelle's mom, and greetings to our readers for spending your quality time at AUBTU.BIZ. We hope you will always enjoy Michelle's work. Have a great day!

To reach out to Michelle, you can send her email at [email protected].

The AUBTU.BIZ Team, alongside author Michelle Hall!