Joyce is a striking presence with her radiant confidence and trademark curly black hair. Having relocated from New Mexico to Hollywood two decades ago, she had one goal in mind: to secure a coveted star on the infamous Walk of Fame. Ambitious? Absolutely. Did she come close? Well, let's just say she was 99 percent there.

But, if you ever have the pleasure of meeting Joyce, you might not peg her as one of the most talented writers you've ever encountered. In our imagination, she's more like a chic Malibu beachgoer with a flair for acting and a knack for reducing men to tears.


While a thriving acting career remains just out of reach for Joyce, she has embarked on an unexpected and rewarding journey. Immersed in the vibrant tapestry of Hollywood, this 42-year-old singleton discovered her true passion: engaging in conversations with celebrities and an array of stars, including the emerging generation of young influencers.

Joyce confidently boasts 15 years of experience as a contributor for numerous entertainment magazines, showcasing her razor-sharp writing skills. With a fondness for pets and an uncanny ability to uncork captivating stories, Joyce's career is as effervescent as her favorite champagne. 

When she's not diligently typing away, you'll likely find her leisurely sipping a glass of wine while regaling her audience with entertaining anecdotes from her nights out with Hollywood luminaries, who have become her most inspiring writing companions.

Joyce, the seasoned wordsmith, continues to seamlessly blend her affection for pets and her penchant for a well-deserved drink into her ever-entertaining narratives. Here's to a truly remarkable career!


Joyce has a humorous quote of her own when it comes to her acting aspirations: "Those who can, do; those who can't, write." Indeed, Joyce always harbored dreams of becoming an actress, a passion for the dramatic arts that glittered like a hidden gem.

When Joyce isn't honing her acting skills or crafting screenplays, she dedicates her time to AUBTU.BIZ, where she plays a leading role in crafting captivating stories in the entertainment field. Her articles on Hollywood stars and popular movies have amassed millions of views, endearing her to readers who appreciate her creativity and witty commentary.

Joyce, armed with her unique skill set and boundless enthusiasm, is always available to answer questions at [email protected]. Don't hesitate to reach out to her!

The AUBTU.BIZ Team, alongside author Joyce Fields!