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  1. Carla Yeager
  2. Petra Ral
  3. Hannes
  4. Erwin Smith
  5. Ymir
  6. Sasha Braus
  7. Faye Yeager
  8. Isabel And Furlan
  9. Hange Zoe
  10. Eren Yeager
  11. Honorable Mention: Mikasa Ackerman

10 Most Tear-Jerking Deaths In Attack On Titan That Make Us Bawl Our Eyes Out

Attack On Titan is widely considered one of the best anime franchises in history, and all for the right reasons. And last week, this legendary series finally reached its conclusion, putting an end to all the bloodshed, drama, and tragedies that had been going on for the last 10 years.
And, just as you thought all the tragedies were over, let’s relieve some of the most devastating deaths in the entire series that remind you what a brutal anime Attack On Titan is. Better get yourself ready though, because all those sneaky ninjas are cutting onions again.

#1. Carla Yeager

Carla Yeager Source: MAPPA
Of course, Attack On Titan showcased its brutality right from the get-go, as the series killed off the protagonist’s mother, Carla Yeager, in the most heartbreaking way possible. After all, what hurts more than your own mother getting devoured right in front of your eyes?
As you watch the anime, this particular death hits even harder, as you’ll eventually learn the real identity of the Smiling Titan, who ate Eren’s mother from the start.

#2. Petra Ral

Petra Ral Source: WIT Studio
Petra was part of the initial Levi Squad, a talented group that racks up over 100 Titan kills. However, they all met their demise when facing the Female Titan (Annie), who killed them in a brutal manner. 
Among them, Petra’s death hits the hardest, as the anime shows glimpses of romance between her and Levi. The fact that her dad desperately asked about the well-being of his daughter after the massacre made her death even more devastating.

#3. Hannes

Hannes Source: WIT Studio
Hannes was deemed a coward right from the start, as he ran away with Eren and Mikasa and left Carla to die. However, he’s one of the few family members that Eren had left. In his final moment, though, he had done something to be proud of: sacrificing himself to the Smiling Titan to save Eren and his friends from the swarming Titans.

#4. Erwin Smith

Erwin Smith Source: WIT Studio
The talented and influential Erwin Smith is the symbol of the Survey Corps, and is one of the few individuals that earned respect from Levi. With his wits and leading ability, Erwin has led the Corps to accomplish several impressive feats and even helped them retake the Shiganshina District.
Therefore, it was a devastating moment to see him gone in the battle with the Beast Titan, having received a critical wound from a projectile attack. Having to choose between his dying commander and Armin, Levi finally gave the Titan Serum to the latter, thus letting Erwin’s soul rest.

#5. Ymir

Ymir Source: WIT Studio
Ymir is one of the most complicated characters in the entire franchise, who turns out to be a Marley citizen. In the form of the Jaw Titan, she spent over sixty years wandering outside Wall Maria, before getting inside and joining the Survey Corps.
Ymir is an interesting member of the team, and her relationship with Historia Reiss is special. Therefore, having her killed off-screen by Proco angered the whole community, with many demanded Hajime Isayama to give her a proper death.

#6. Sasha Braus

Sasha Braus Source: MAPPA
In such a gloomy and brutal series like Attack On Titan, Sasha’s vibrant personality and clumsiness are like a beacon of hope shining through the darkness that looms over Paradis. At times, we even feel like the potato girl is the most important character in the Survey Corps, as her personality helps keep their mentality together.
However, in the invasion of Eldia, Sasha got killed off in the most devastating and unexpected way ever. Not by a Titan, but by two bullets from Gabi’s gun. Sasha’s sudden passing got the whole community outraged for a while, and made Gabi the most hated character in the entire franchise.

#7. Faye Yeager

Faye Yeager Source: MAPPA
Faye is Grisha’s younger sister, so she’s biologically Eren’s aunt. However, the two never got to meet, as Faye was brutally murdered even before Grisha reached Paradis. Due to their bloodline, the two siblings were treated poorly by the citizens of Marley. 
When they were caught sneaking up on an airship display event, Grisha got beaten up by the police, and Faye got an even more devastating outcome: she was tortured and eaten alive by guard dogs. His sister’s gruesome death is one of the events that changed Grisha’s life forever.

#8. Isabel And Furlan

Isabel And Furlan Source: WIT Studio
For fans who have watched the OVA, they cannot simply forget Isabel and Furlan’s deaths. The two were parts of Levi’s self-made family, whom the latter considered his own brother and sisters. 
Unfortunately, when Levi wasn’t there, they were both killed by Titans. Seeing how Levi was in pain after their deaths make us realize how much of a family Isa and Furlan were to him.

#9. Hange Zoe

Hange Zoe Source: MAPPA
Apart from Levi, Hange is one of the most important characters from the Survey Corps. She has dedicated her entire life to analyzing the Titans and coming up with ways to neutralize them, and even in the last moments of her life, she manages to stay with her beloved Titans.
As the Rumblings reached, Hange decided to stay behind and hold the Colossal Titans off for the rest of the Survey Corps to escape. Before dying due to the extreme heat from the Titans, Hange managed to slay a handful of them, thus saving the corps, the people of Marley, and the rest of the world. The scene where she later reunited with Erwin and the rest of the Paradis soldiers made us shed our tears.

#10. Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager Source: MAPPA
And last but not least, the death that concluded the entire series of events in Attack On Titan. Eren Yeager, now with the Founding Titan’s abilities, plans on eradicating the whole humanities to save Paradis, including neutral countries that have nothing to do with Marley.
Struggling to choose between her loved one and humanity, Mikasa finally made her decision to side with humanity to save millions of innocent lives. She infiltrates and successfully decapitates Eren’s head, putting an end to his ambitious conquest. In tears, Mikasa kisses Eren’s severed head, and bids him farewell.
The final scene of the anime hits even harder, as a pigeon bird, who many believe to be Eren’s reincarnation, puts the scarf onto Mikasa’s neck, and concludes a bittersweet end to a legendary anime.

#11. Honorable Mention: Mikasa Ackerman

Honorable Mention: Mikasa Ackerman Source: MAPPA
It turns out, Eren’s passing isn’t the final death in Attack On Titan after all. After Eren’s death, Mikasa continues to visit his grave every day, where they used to sit and take a nap under the tree. And, as Eren wished, Mikas lived a long and fulfilling life before passing away peacefully, surrounded by people she loved, and with flowers on her grave, and the scarf to be buried with her.
Do you agree that these are the most devastating deaths in Attack On Titan? Do you think it’s one of the best anime ever? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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