Are Zack And Bliss From 'Love Is Blind' Together? Who Is Zack Dating Now?

Netflix's Love Is Blind, the pinnacle of reality dating shows, is back with a fourth season. The five episodes released on March 24th have already created quite the stir. The show asks the question, "is love really blind?" To answer this, 30 singles (15 men and 15 women) are dating each other in "pods" with a wall in between them, so they can't see what the other person looks like. However, this season has a unique twist. After a disastrous honeymoon in Mexico, one of the couples, Zack Goytowski and Irina Solomanova, decided to go their separate ways. In an unprecedented turn of events, Zack then asked another contestant, Bliss Poureetezadi, for another chance at love. Did she accept or decline? Tune in to find out!

#1. What has happened in Love Is Blind season 4?

Are Zack And Bliss From 'Love Is Blind' Together?Source: ABC News

It is not unusual for the contestants on Love Is Blind to develop feelings for more than one person; however, viewers were not pleased with the way Irina interacted with the other daters. She and Micah laughed at the other girls' vulnerable moments and Irina even taunted Bliss for making cupcakes for Zack's birthday. Despite her own involvement in gossiping to Zack about her competition, Bliss still tried to make amends and move on. Nonetheless, people's hearts broke when Zack chose Irina, who had been rude to him from the very start. Their honeymoon was so awful that people began to wonder if Irina had left the show early. She would not even look at Zack and seemed to cower away whenever he was close.
"It's been absolutely horrible," Zack revealed during their honeymoon. "It's been f***ing horrible." Karma?

#2. Zack chooses Irina over Bliss

Are Zack And Bliss From 'Love Is Blind' Together?Source: Screenrant

The romance between the two female leads leads to some difficult circumstances. When Bliss bakes Zack cupcakes for his special day without knowing it is his birthday, Irina then wants to use one of Bliss' candles, which makes Bliss unhappy and she shares her feelings towards Irina with Zack. It's a tricky situation! Despite the cupcakes and Zack and Bliss' mutual admiration for Lee Ann Womack's song "I Hope You Dance," Zack decides to marry Irina, saying he "knows her heart." It's clear that Bliss is not pleased with this decision.
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#3. Zack asks Bliss to try things out again.

Are Zack And Bliss From 'Love Is Blind' Together?Source: Distractify

Zack is filled with remorse after his experiences in Mexico and decides to seek out Bliss in Seattle. He admits that he made a mistake and should have chosen her initially. Bliss's reaction to Zack's words is difficult to interpret, but her presence in Seattle shows at least some willingness to pursue reconciliation.

#4. Are Zack and Bliss still together?

Are Zack And Bliss From 'Love Is Blind' Together?Source: Distractify

We haven't seen video of them together at the altar, but Bliss is featured in the trailer which implies she'll be involved. Meanwhile, Zack follows only 36 people on Instagram and he doesn't follow Bliss, which doesn't look positive. Bliss isn't following him either. We'll have to wait and see what happens when more episodes come to Netflix.
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