Are Nicole And Mahmoud Still Together? 90 Day Fiance Updated Information

Are Nicole and Mahmoud still together? Here's the latest information about the 90 Day Fiance mismatched couple.
90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 4 has seen a number of couples struggle to adjust to new life changes. And when it comes to struggles, it seems no one can beat Nicole and Mahmoud Sherbiny. The couple are trying to adjust to their newlywed life in Egypt, but culture clash surely has pushed the relationship into such a messy situation. Could things be any worse? Would their love be able to survive through all of these challenges?

#1. 90 Day Fiance: Are Nicole And Mahmoud's Relationship Getting Better?

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Well, the answer is definitely "No".
On March 19th, the seventh episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 4 was officially aired, and things haven't gotten better for Nicole and Mahmoud. This episode shows that the culture clash is only getting more and more intense.
Even though Nicole decides to convert to Islam for her husband, she is really resistant against wearing a hijab. The scene of Nicole being the only woman who is not wearing a hijab in the house surely is frustrating to see.
Nicole has no intention of learning about religion. She hates Egypt, the culture, the wardrobe rules, doesn't speak Arabic and doesn't want to live together with her husband's family. It's important to note that Madmoud never forced Nicole to convert, she did all of this by herself.

are nicole and mahmoud still togetherSource: TLC

Mahmoud is clearly uncomfortable with Nicole breaking all Egypt's societal rules. They still couldn't come to an agreement about her clothes (even though they want to start a clothing line together). And the terrible thing is that Mahmoud and Nicole have the worst kind of communication. Nicole might be unwilling to learn, but Mahmoud is no better. Just like what Mahmoud's uncle said, Mahmoud needs to start "teaching" her, not just "telling".
And now, things may only get messier as Nicole has quietly made a decision to never wear hijab.
"I still don't know how to tell Mahmoud that I'm questioning my faith and whether or not it's right for me. I think it would jeopardize our relationship. It's already teetering on the brink of collapse, and I feel like my marriage would be over.", she admitted.

are nicole and mahmoud still togetherSource: TLC

In the latest episode, Mahmoud and his family talking about helping Nicole get to learn to embrace Egypt's culture. They all agree that it's Mahmoud's responsibility to appropriately guide her on this journey.

"Step by step. But she has to be convinced. She has to wear it, but first, she has to like it.", they encouraged him.

Mahmoud attempts to share his family's advice to Nicole, but she struggles to compromise as she feels like she has given up too many things for him.

"I don't answer because what I really want to tell them is that religion is very personal, and it's nobody's business why I'm not wearing the veil anymore. So, I don't want to be rude. I'm mad at Mahmoud, and I don't even want to be here right now.", she explains.

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Nơw Nicole is definitely questioning her decision to convert to Islam. Most of the viewers think that Nicole doesn't actually want to be Muslim. It seems like she only did it for Mahmoud in the first place. She’s probably worried that he will divorce her if she admits everything to him.
But she needs to accept that religion is an extremely important thing to Mahmoud, and he wouldn't abandon it for Nicole. So, Nicole only has two options: adjust to Muslim, or get a divorce and go back to California.


#2. Did Nicole and Mahmoud Break Up?

are nicole and mahmoud still togetherSource: TLC

To no surprise, the couple did break up once. Soon after marrying Mahmoud, Nicole began to suffer culture shock. After 11 months of marriage, she decided to divorce him. However, she started to miss him after six months of separation. In the end, she came back to Egypt and tried to make their relationship work again.

#2. Are Nicole And Mahmoud Still Together?

are nicole and mahmoud still togetherSource: Mahmoud Sherbiny's Instagram

From what we are seeing in 90 Day Fiance, it seems like their relationship would soon come to an end.
However, their social media accounts say otherwise. Recently, the couple are still posting pictures of them together on Instagram, along with captions expressing their love and affection. Fans also notice that Nicole is wearing long-sleeved shirts in all of the picture.

Have the couple found a way to compromise? Well, we can't say anything certain yet, but we do wish the best for both of them! is dedicated to providing you with a wide range of creative and interesting news. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to keep updated on the latest news of Nicole and Mahmoud Sherbiny in 90 Day Fiance.
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