Are 'Lady Voyeur' Cleo And Fernando Dead? Who Kill Them?

‘Lady Voyeur’ is now streaming on Netflix. The show is full of thrill and suspense. The show ends with more questions than answers. Who Is Cleo? Are Cleo And Fernando Dead? Can Miranda And Heitor Come Back? Here is what we know.

1. What is ‘Lady Voyeur’ about?

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Lady Voyeur tells the story of a Miranda who hacks her neighbor’s camera system and watches intimate moments that are happening between her neighbor and the men that visit her. Her daily routine consists of peering through the window into the life of Cleo, an elevated prostitute who lives in the building located across the street. She takes a keen interest in the clients who visit Cleo.
Cleo knocks on Miranda’s door one day and starts asking Miranda to watch her dog whilst also going on a trip. The trouble starts when one of Cleo’s clients, Fernando, visits whilst Miranda is temporarily in Cleo’s apartment. Fernando saves Miranda from a sexual assault, and the two grow close. He instantly entrusts Miranda with certain dark secrets of his life. He convinces Miranda to get introduced to his brother-in-law, Heitor.
Fernando asks Miranda to use her hacking skills and keep a stern eye on Heitor. However, on another tangent, Heitor has a messy marriage with Diana. He too is one of Cleo’s clients. Soon enough, Miranda is entangled in a web of complex relationships and lies. Miranda is desperate to learn how and where Cleo disappeared. Through anonymous communication, Miranda receives an invitation to a ‘Play Party’ and is given instructions to follow. By the end of this, Miranda wakes up in a hog-tied state in Heitor’s apartment and stumbles upon Diana’s dead body.

2. The Ending

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Now coming to the ending of the show, In the last episode, we get to see that it was Cleo behind all the Killings and Murders, we also get to see that Cleo is none other than, but, is ‘Gabriella’ the sister of Mirinda, who got disappeared in the Childhood. Gabriella thinks that Mirinda was the reason behind all her suffering and the death of her Mother, On the Other Hand, we also get to see that Fernando is also a Partner in Crime with Mirinda as he also wants to take Revenge with ‘Heitor’.
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3. Is Cleo alive? Are Cleo and Fernando Dead?

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Now coming to the question, Is Cleo and Fernando Dead?, Yes, Both are dead, Cleo died while she was fighting with Mirinda, during the faceoff, Mirinda took control over her and in the fight, She accidentally shot Cleo and she died at the spot, Same happens with the Fernando, When he came to know that he is going to be exposed, He finally called ‘Heitor’ and starts fighting with him. Just like Cleo, He was also shot dead.
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4. Who killed Bernardo?

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It is during the very first episode of ‘Lady Voyeur’ that reveals the death of Bernardo. Bernardo was Diana’s boyfriend and the brother of Helena, Heitor’s then-girlfriend. His death takes place in a swimming pool for which the initial blame was assigned to Heitor.
Apparently, Heitor had knocked Bernardo out of his consciousness. And as Bernardo fell into the pool, he drowned. When Miranda investigates, she finds out that the truth is something else. Miranda secures a video clip which reveals that even after the physical fight between Heitor and himself, Bernardo was still alive. He did struggle to get to the side of the pool to step out. However, Diana did not let him. Diana made Bernardo suffocate in the pool, which caused his death.

5. Did Diana die of suicide?

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‘Lady Voyeur’ does not only focus on the disappearance of Cleo. Diana’s death has been a central point in the plot as well. From the manner of death, it could be concluded that Diana committed suicide. Her death was very similar to that of Bernardo’s. However, her death was a homicide.
When Miranda is held captive by Cleo, she learns the truth about Diana’s death. Cleo confesses that Diana’s death was never a part of the plan. Having said that, when Diana refused the love proposed by Fernando, she became a target. Out of rage, Fernando attacked and killed Diana. is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news  to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about updated entertainment news.
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