Another 10 Ridiculous Movie Clichés That We've Already Fed Up With

Not all movies are supposed to be realistic, but they need to make the audience feel relatable so that they can understand the characters better. Well, some producers just fail to see this, and keep making movies based on typical stereotypes of the previous ones, which sometimes creates some generic patterns that we called "movie clichés". For example, a nerdy and unattractive boy, somehow always gets all the hottest girls, or superheroes who, instead of fighting, just somehow persuade the villain to give up on his evil schemes.
Some of these stereotypes can be weird and funny at first, but then some movies make them happen far too often, and they quickly become boring and stale to the audience. So, let's have a glance at these 10 hilarious movie clichés in movies, and decide for ourselves if these patterns are overused or not.

#1 Breakfast in bed

Source: Universal Pictures

In some romance movies, we often see the heroine waking up in the morning, then the boyfriend walks in with a breakfast tray in his hands, ready to serve. Some might think this is romantic, but come on, who in the right mind would have their meal ON the bed? To spread food and crumbs all over the sheets?

#2 Convenient scars and injuries

Source: Universal Pictures

Veterans or fighters in action movies usually have their faces covered with scars, which is proof of their hardened battle experience. But sometimes it's kinda weird when the scars, or injuries, just make the characters even more handsome than ever. Especially when they have a scar over one eye, which is still magically functional after getting slashed.

#3 Shark Attack

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment

In movies, sharks are portrayed as ruthless and bloodthirsty predators that attack humans on sight, but this is nowhere near the truth. In real life, sharks are almost harmless creatures that only attack when they feel threatened. A stat even shows that the number of humans killed by sharks each year is even lower than the ones who got hit by coconuts.

#4 Your "ordinary" high school kid

Source: IMDb

Somehow, the ordinary high school boy in movies always gets the hottest girl around. Not only that, but he's also ripped as hell and has a flawless face that is way older than he's supposed to be. When I was in high school, most boys my age looked like a sag of dried potatoes.

#5 Convenience stores are way too convenient

Source: New American Pathways/Pinterest

It's funny how even in the most isolated area on the planet, the protagonist can still find a convenience store or a supermarket that has absolutely everything they need, be it a normal toothbrush or a device that can blow up half the planet.

#6 S'cuse me, comin' through!

Source: © Eagle Eye / DreamWorks SKG and co-producers

In action movies, the characters race through the crowds like nothing, people just conveniently step aside for them to pass. If you try that in real life, the only things you'd get are bruises and annoyed looks from pedestrians.

#7 Romantic nightclub scenes

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

I'm not an outgoing person myself, but I've been to enough clubs to know that it's almost impossible to engage in a conversation with all the blasting music and loud screaming, let alone flirting or discussing important matters inside.

#8 Walking away from an explosion

Source: Tv Tropes

Somehow characters in action movies think that it would be cool to slowly walk away during a sequence of explosions. Not gonna happen. Realistically, the sheer pressure and heat from the explosion would simply knock them off balance, or even blast them away if they're close enough. They'd be lucky if their clothes aren't burned to a crisp after that.

#9 Animals' Sixth Sense

Source: © Catwoman / Warner Bros Pictures and co-producers

Far too often in movies when you see pets being exceptionally smart. For example, they'll either bark or be aggressive when they see a villain or simply a person with ill intent when being completely friendly to good-natured people. Meanwhile, in real life, they'd wag their tail to anyone treating them well. animals are smart, that's true, but they aren't psychics that can read people's minds.

#10 Aggressive Eating

Source: Warner Bros

Looking at you, Ron Weasley. If you eat like this in real life, there's a good chance that you'll get scolded by the people around you, or even worse, you might even choke yourself.
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